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Predator 2 Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Level 1 Introduction
Level 1
That thug shot dead a motorcycle cop
The women in the purple dresses are innocent. Don't shoot them
The thugs in the pretty van shoot at you
An ute drives past
Fired a rocket launcher
Level 2 Introduction
Level 2
A thug pushing a man in a wheelchair
Another crosshair is aimed at an innocent man
Looks like Ramon Vega is tied to the ceiling, Naked. Must be his girlfriend on the right
Level 3 Introduction
Level 3
Who turned the lights off?
A train goes past
The Predator grabs hold of a thug
Level 4 Introduction
Level 4
It's raining now
The Predator rips on FBI agent apart
Must be close to the Predator's exact location now
There he is!
Continue game?