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Premiere Reviews (Amiga)

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Datormagazin (Aug, 1993)
Premiere är ett bra spel. Det är dessutom mycket snyggt. Ljudet däremot är trist.
Amiga Action (Sep, 1992)
Right from the moment this same loads you are bombarded with an array of excellent graphics. The entire visual presentation is both humorous and brilliantly drawn. Soundwise, things are slightly worse, but still far above average. The beauty of this game is that it is mindblowingly easy to play while, at the same time, being nicely challenging. I love it - buy it now!
Amiga Format (Oct, 1992)
Excellent presentation, especially the superb film-style intro sequence. Brilliant, colourful cartoon-style graphics. So is it Amiga Format Gold quality? Well, it's close, but unfortunately it doesn't quite make it, mainly because the action is pretty similar on each level and so tends to get just a wee bit repetitive. The in-between levels break this up though, and all in all, Premiere is a hell of a game. It looks pretty, plays well and presents a great challenge to all platform freaks out there who are looking for something just that bit different.
CU Amiga (Aug, 1992)
Playing Premiere, you begin to notice how stale most platforms are these days. Everywhere you go in the game, there are little touches of originally. Most impressive, though, are the end-of-level guardians. Core specifically wanted to move away from the 'shoot the big sprite' scenario, and what they have come up with is a more than welcome alternative. At the end of each level, you come across a 'different' challenge. In the Wild West, for example, you take part in a gunfight, whereas in Keystone you have to push a cart along a railway track as fast as possible, to avoid a pursuing train. All in all, Premiere offers a new look at a well-worn idea. If platform games are your scene, then book your ticket for this opening night.
Amiga Power (Sep, 1992)
So there you have Premiere in a nutshell: packed with Really Neat Touches to make you smile, amazingly easy on the eyes, and wildly entertaining in doses. The downside is that it's not as deep as you may expect, and ultimately it's perhaps just a little too much of the same thing. Just like Bruce Willis really.
Amiga Mania (Oct, 1992)
All in all. however, this game is a success and combines exciting play with attractive graphics and good sound.
As platform-based arcade adventures go, Premiere is certainly one of the most polished, and amongst the most fun to play as well. There's a lot of fun to be had exploring the sets and discovering new things. If the main thrust of the gameplay has a weak spot, it's that the adversaries aren't particularly challenging, and don't add a great deal to the fun. It's not the fault of the baddies themselves, more the fact that Clutch isn't really that versatile - he can't fire while jumping or ducking, for instance. Abilities like these might have allowed for far more varied and interesting confrontations, but as it stands dealing with the bad guys can become somewhat of a chore at times. Premiere won't win any Oscars for originality, but who cares? It's pretty, It's fun and it's long-lasting. And that'll do me nicely.
Amiga Joker (Oct, 1992)
Zum Klassiker wird es Premiere also kaum bringen, aber immerhin bekommt man hier nicht bloß eine megamäßige Präsentation, sondern auch verhältnismäßig viel Spiel fürs Geld geboten, was sich ja beiliebe nicht von jeder Grafikorgie behaupten läßt. So gesehen war Fernsehen also wirklich gestern, und heute ist Premiere!
Zur Moral der Geschichte: Es gibt viele Spiele, die sehr viel bunter und klanggewaltiger als Premiere sind, aber recht wenige, die mehr Spaß machen.
Amiga Games (Oct, 1992)
Insgesamt jedoch ein gelungenes Game, das neben der nötigen Portion Spielwitz auch hübsche Grafiken und einen guten Sound besitzt.
Play Time (Oct, 1992)
ab. Das Spiel ist gut spielbar und schön abwechslungsreich. Technisch zeigen sich jedoch einige Schwächen und allzu neu sind die enhaltenen Ideen auch nicht, doch wer Rick Dangerous gerne spielte, kann ruhig mal einen Blick hinter die Kulissen von Hollywood werfen.
Retrogaming History (Jan 28, 2009)
Il giudizio finale su questo titolo è senz'altro buono, anche se dal totale sono stati sottratti dei punti a causa dei difetti di gameplay sopra citati, una certa ripetitività e il fatto che difficilmente si avrà voglia di ripercorrere l'avventura. Dal lato positivo vanno comunque citate le diverse idee originali, che contribuiscono a rinfrescare sia il concept alla base dei gioco, sia le meccaniche troppo spesso stantie dei platform dei primi anni '90.
Power Play (Oct, 1992)
Liebe Leute – die Zeiten, als uns Simpel-Jump'n'Runs vom Hocker hauten, sind endgültig vorbei. Der Premiere Held ist nett animiert, die Steuerung halbwegs streßsicher, und doch will der Funke nicht überspringen. Der einfache Grund: Das gleiche Spielprinzip zieht sich wie ein Betonklotz durch alle sechs Level. Die Gegner bewegen sich auf immer gleichen Bahnen und die Level bestehen aus dem immer gleichen Rampen und Treppen. Auch die Extrawaffen, ob nun Dynamitstangen oder Revolver, können das dröge Bild nicht entscheidend verbessern. Premiere ist nur etwas für Leute, die keinen Wert legen auf motivierende Überraschungen im Spiel.