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Zero (Jul, 1991)
The graphics are beautifully rendered, the animation is as smooth and convincing as you could wish, the nasties are really nasty, the sound is brilliant and... well, everything you'd want in a classic shoot 'em up is all packed in here (which isn't surprising, because this is a classic shoot 'em up. It's that simple.
Amiga Power (Aug, 1991)
There was a bit of a scare when Activision UK packed their bags recently and disappeared into the realms of history - yes, it was sad to see such a famous and long established name go down, but more to the point what would happen to the various projects they commissioned? For a while it looked like many eagerly awaited games wouldn't see the light of day at all, but slowly they started to crop up with various other publishers – Exile at Audiogenic, the upcoming Realms and 3D Snooker at Virgin - and the Activision name itself resurfaced under the protective wing of Paris-based The Disk Company.
Amiga Format (Aug, 1991)
Back in the early days of video gaming, there was little choice of games. If you wanted to play a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up. There was either the archaic Scramble or Defender. When a game called Nemesis appeared in the arcades and it spawned a whole new breed of horizontal blasts, because it had a progressive weapons system. The ultimate sci-fi shoot out to incorporate this system did not actually appear until a while later.
Amiga Action (Jul, 1991)
The original R-Type conversion on the Amiga was quite simply superb and the sequel has been eagerly awaited. Thankfully, Activision and Arc developments have done a wonderful job, although the gameplay and graphics have not been greatly improved. Fans of the original will certainly enjoy the challenge of new levels and the improved weapons. The only disappointment is the lack of a simultaneously two-player option. If you're after an entertaining and addictive shoot'em-up, look no further.
Raze (Aug, 1991)
The sound again lets it down, but all is saved by the gameplay. All the features of the coin-op are here. The much-loved (and much-copied) power-ups - front-pod, bounce laser, terrain-huggin' bombs, flame throwers - are all here. This makes the game a cut above the rest in terms of gameplay and at the end of the day brilliant graphics a game do not make.
Play Time (Oct, 1991)
Kenner des Vorgängers dürften sich vor allem über verbesserte Grafiken freuen. Am seitlichen Scrolling hat sich nichts geändert, doch wurden die Hintergrundgrafiken um einiges bunter und vielfältiger. Durch die Vielzahl der sichtbaren Angreifer wird das Spielen nicht gerade leichter. Freunde solcher Ballerspiele nach Katakis-Manier dürften auf alle Fälle auf ihre Kosten kommen. Wer jedoch ein neues Spielkonzept erwartet ist hiermit schlecht bedient.
While the age-old line 'fans of the original will be impressed' seems to get dragged out of the cupboard every time a sequel is reviewed, in this case, quite the opposite is true. If you bought the original, you might feel a teensy bit cheated to see that this isn't radically different - at least not enough to justify a £25 outlay. If, however, you're coming into it 'clean', or are enough of an R-Type fanatic to not care, R-Type II comes unreservedly recommended as the best 16-bit shoot-'em-up since SWIV. And that can't be half bad.
The graphics and sound are a fine reconstruction of the original masterpiece, but let's face facts: the gameplay is a tad slow. This problem improves once you collect a couple of speedups, but even then it just doesn't flow in the way we've come to expect. On any original sideways scrolling blaster this would not really be a problem, but with R-Type II you need that extra zip so brilliantly delivered by the original game. This could have been a cracking conversion and earned its rightful place in the home computer hall of fame, but it falls slightly short of the mark and now ranks among the also-rans of its, err, type. Sorry fans, but the wait for that elusive all-time R-Type classic clone goes on...
CU Amiga (Jun, 1991)
R-Type was heralded as one of the greatest shoot ‘em ups to grace computer screens. The temptation to better it has proved too much for Irem. Famed for innovative games such as X Multiply and Dragon Breed, they had a reputation to live up to. And so the sequel, R-Type 2, rears its powerful and many faceted head. The neafious forces of the Bydo Empire yet again loom large and threatening. Not surprising really – this is what happens in sequels! There are six levels of horizontal parallax scrolling action, which bears more than a passing similarity to R-Type. All the great gadgets and gizmos are present. The all-protecting Force shield defends your ship both fore and aft. A wonderful feeling of invincibility surrounds you; the metallic killing machines which attempt to send you to an early bath are rendered powerless!
Amiga Joker (Sep, 1991)
Seit die Fortsetzung des klassischten aller Baller-Klassiker in der Spielhalle aufgetaucht ist, warten die Action-Freaks mit zuckendem Zeigefinger auf eine Umsetzung - dank Activision darf jetzt endlich scharf geschossen werden! Der Äpfel fallt bekanntlich nicht weit vom Stamm, hier ist er sogar am Ast hängen geblieben. Will sagen: R-Type II unterscheidet sich kaum vom Vorgänger, jedenfalls viel zu wenig, um dessen phänomenalen Erfolg wiederholen zu können.
Datormagazin (Oct 10, 1991)
R-type II är ett shoot'em up som jag tyckte jag kände igen, fast jag vet att jag aldrig kan ha spelat det. Detta beror troligtvis på att spelet är så otroligt likt alla de andra rymdspelen där det gäller att skjuta ned allt som rör på sig.
Retro Archives (Mar 17, 2020)
Sans verser dans l’orgie technique repoussant les capacités de l’Amiga, R-Type II reste une conversion complète, soignée et proprement réalisée où le plaisir de jeu de la version arcade n’a pas été sacrifié en dépit de limitations techniques évidentes. Il était sans doute possible de faire encore beaucoup mieux, notamment sur le plan graphique, mais en attendant c’est parfaitement jouable.
Demnach wäre R-Type II schon fast ein Hit – aber nur fast. Leider gibt es nämlich an manchen Stellen weniger Gegner und Ruckelscrolling bis hin zur Zeitlupe. Spielbar ist R-Type II allemal, aber die Rasanz und Härte des Originals wird nicht erreicht. Für das einzig Wahre gibt es eben keinen Ersatz!
R-Type 2 isn't the easiest shoot 'em up around, partly due to the slow movement of your ship. A hard zapper is fair enough, but there's no need for the game to put you back to the start, or the halfway mark, of each level when you lose a man. Even though the graphics are accurate replicas of the original's, and the music and fx are suitably sci-fi, the lack of any progression in the gameplay stops it ever getting much of a grip. If you don't already have it, track down the original Amiga R-Type for a far superior blaster.
Power Play (Sep, 1991)
Wer hätte das gedacht: Ballerspielklassiker "R-Type", der vor Jahren eine wahre Extrawaffenflut in den Spielhallen auslöste, ist plötzlich wieder in aller Munde. Die aktuelle Version fürs Super Famicom ruckelt ganz fürchterlich (sagt man), auf dem Game Boy spielt sich der Vorgänger absolut prächtig (bewiesen). Damit auch Computerspieler in die rege Diskussion um dieses Irem-Spiel eingreifen können, beauftragte Activision die englischen Entwickler Arc Development ("Forgotten Worlds", "Saint Dragon") mit der Umsetzung des zweiten Teils für ST und Amiga.
Games-X (Apr 26, 1991)
Overall I really enjoyed it. If you liked the original then this is as close as you could get in terms of playability. There are numerous aliens to blast and lots of levels to explore. The only problem is with the presentation. I was expecting graphics of near arcade quality, and the result was decidedly disappointing.