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Rick Dangerous Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Main Title
Seems that Rick found the lost tribe of Goolu, but now he must save his skin.
The game barely started and you found yourself tightly chased by a boulder.
Although ammo is rather limited, sometimes it's a necessary use.
Even if you cleared the room, once you get back, the enemies will be there again. Your bullets won't, though.
Hey, where did the Goolu tribe got these ammo crates, I wonder.
This is so called bat strategy.
When wall's blocking the way, bullets won't help.
Blowing up very sharp stone shards.
Watch out for traps, they're everywhere!
Rick heads for the Pyramids at the request of London.
Oh no, he's climbing down the ladder.
Placed some explosives.
Damn, this is a trap!
No need to waste ammo here, that mummy is doing the dirty work.
The floor is covered with deadly spikes. What now?
Activating a switch.
Rick has arrived at Schwarzendumpf Castle.
Getting attacked by a dog at the entrance.
Incoming bullet...
I'm going to spare these the two soldiers.
Every rescued prisoner is worth 500 points.