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Amiga version

Introduction: 1940, the year the game starts.
Introduction: Hitler and his goose stepping goons.
Introduction: The Nazis are taking over Europe.
Introduction: Cinemaware presents...
Introduction: Rocket Ranger
Flying down to the Nazi desert base.
Flying over the Nazi desert base. You need to take out the AA guns.
Chapter One
The menu
The General
Lunarium checklist
The rocket ranger
Your route with the rocket ranger
You run out of lunarium fuel
The End
Late night at the lab.
Yes Kids, Now you can have your very own rocket pack!
The war room map.
Rocket Ranger away!
Sending a help message.
Chapter 2
Here they come!
Evil Nazi goons trying to fry Jane's brains.
The Nazi Lunarium factory in Germany.
Tied up to face questioning.
Float like a bee and sting like a butterfly... Or was that the other way around?
Tracking a Nazi zep.
The Nazi jungle base.
You need to take out all the machine gun nests.
Sunrise over the Atlantic. Too bad that nasty Nazi Zep is ruining the view.
The doc and his beautiful daughter, Jane.
The Nazi Moon Base!