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Scorched Tanks Credits (Amiga)

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Scorched Tanks Credits


Developed and Coded byMichael P. Welch
Original Soundtrack byEric Gieseke
Special Thanks ToSarah Bell, Mike Farrell, Laura Farrell, DJ & Sarah, Rob Sedler, Josh Wingell, Aaron Wald

Dark Unicorn Productions

Thanks also ...Michael W. Boeh, John Harris, Peter Olafson, Tim Walsh, Ryan Scott
Fearless LeaderShane R. Monroe
Code WizardSeumas McNally
Talented Computer ArtistKit Felice
Talented CoderKit Felice
Digital MasterJohn Graham
Musical DeityEric Gieseke
Graphics ArtistMike Hall
Very Special Thanks ToCharles Caffery, Troy Toulou, Adam Burns, Dale McBane

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