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Shadow of the Beast Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Second title screen
Loading screen
Jump kick
Bloody thorn
Eyes everywhere...
You be dead
There are some weapons in the game, but you will mainly use your fists.
After entering a hollow tree, you reach some underground caves.
Surrounded by monsters on a bridge.
Kicking an insect. You need very good timing and reflexes in this game.
Incoming flying skulls!
Giant snakes are emerging from the ground and ceiling.
You have only one single life in this difficult game. Fortunately, you can replenish your health with magic potions.
You meet new types of enemies all the time.
Hands trying to grab me.
Entering the castle.
In the castle, you'll meet some disturbing creatures.
The enemy is using a flying vehicle. It will drop some kind of electric bomb.
This worm shouldn't be on the dinner table, so I remove it in a violent way.
The spiders are climbing up and down. You have to run past them at the right moment.
Ah! I've found a gun. It's needed to kill the hydra.
Fighting the hydra. The red boil is its weak spot.
Flying with a jet-pack on my back.
Watch out for spikes coming out of the ground and ceiling.
Another boss-monster. You have to destroy both its jaws to kill it.