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Amiga version

Title (AGA version)
Before you start you can see previous of the enemies you'll face.
Shaq has no idea what's to come...
The old man sends him on a quest.
The map screen lets you pick your next opponent.
This guys no help on the quest, he just wants to fight!
The main game is one on one fighting in the manner of Street Fighter.
Double knock out means no one wins the round!
Defeated this guy.
Arrogant even in the face of defeat.
This old guy doesn't look very tough...
But he has powerful magic that defeats Shaq.
You can continue a few times if you are defeated.
Entering a high score.
Shaq's special move, the Shaq-uriken is revealed.
Game options
Setting up a tournament
The tournament ladder
Shaq vs Shaq!
Shaq gives Shaq a work out.
You can play as any of the enemies from story mode during a tournament.
Another tournament round.
Tournament results. Shaq wins!