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Sid Meier's Pirates! Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Setting game options
The story of your life so far
The game begins
Starting in a French town
Buying a letter of Marque from French Governor (it's the licence to kill the enemy)
Visiting a local tavern...
...and hiring some new crewmen
Also, the tavern provides you with latest news
Reviewing party status
Reviewing personal status
City information screen
Ship's log
Good hunting...
The lookout spots a ship
An English pinnace, the first victim
Battle at sea
Close combat starts
Duel with the English captain
Victory is ours
Salvaging "our" property
Attacking the English town of Nevis
The town had no fort, so you can attack directly
That was easy
This is getting harder, a town with a fort is attacked from sea-side
Climbing the fort walls and dueling again
Upon return to the French town the governor rewards you
Receiving information about your long-lost sister (is that Sean Connery?)
Trading some of the conquered ships and goods for money
Your wedding to the girl of your dreams!
Meeting with the governor's daughter.
Sailing for adventure on the deep blue sea!
Arriving at a seaside town.
Another governor's daughter.
One Eyed Willy wants to sell you a pirate treasure map.
Pirate treasure map.
A governor's daughter accepts your marriage proposal, but now you'll have to fight a duel!
Rescued your long lost sister!