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Win 3.1 release removed? disk exists

eXo (343) on Aug 14, 2014

Last time I checked here Simcity Classic had Win 3.x under the platforms list.

If you look at disk media in the standard simcity entry you'll find this:

I would say this proves that SimCity Classic was released for more than just Amiga.

I don't quite get what this Classic was supposed to be. Wikipedia claims it is a browser version of the game, however this media image disproves that the browser version was the only version.

I was under the impression that classic was the windows release name, including the advanced graphics packs - however I can no longer find evidence of this, so I'm a bit confused.

Re: Win 3.1 release removed? disk exists

Terok Nor (28768) on Aug 14, 2014

SimCity Classic for Win3.x used to have its own entry, but it was moved here. It's the exact same game as the original, the name is just a re-branding that they introduced when SC2000 came out to keep it apart from the newer game.

This Amiga version is just a bundle that for some reason also uses that name.

(Edited by Terok Nor (28768), Aug 14, 2014)

Re: Win 3.1 release removed? disk exists

eXo (343) on Aug 14, 2014

makes sense. I figured it had been moved. I just couldn't figure out why the amiga version was left, as I thought it might be the same thing. Thanks for the explanation.