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Skweek Reviews (Amiga)

Skweek Amiga Skweek loading screen


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Amiga Computing (Sep, 1989)
Behind the façade of a harmless computer game, Skweek hides a weighty political allegory. Nothing to do with Nigel Lawson, but a tale of invasion, oppression and final glorious revolution, told in play school terms. The Skweezettes led happy, carefree lives on the planet Skweez’land, which happens to have 99 continents, all of them pink tiled. The dreaded Pitark and his Skarks – who are not, and never have been, a late Sixties rock band – invaded Skweez’land and covered it with dark blue Skweeticide. The Skweezettes, cute little dishmops that they are, were forced to fell to the dull planet Refuznoid, but not without vows to avenge the deed most foul. Pitark eventually died and the Skweezettes lost no time in planting an agent provocateur back on Skweez’land. Skweek, for it is he, must colour all the continents pink and avoid the deadly Skarks. Once all the continents are cleaned, the Skweezettes will return and amid great celebration.
Commodore User (Jun, 1989)
Reading the scenario for Skweek is likely to have you throwing up across the front of your monitor; Skweek is a lovable bundle of orange. His mission is to clean up his planet, painting it pink instead of blue". If that does not get you, one look at the garish dazzle of the colours on screen will. This is one of those games designed to appeal to ‘all the family’, in this case by smearing it with bucketloads of sickly cuteness. Underneath the marzipan, Skweek is as addictive as a guava jelly and almond butter sarnie. If I was to describe this game in the usually way, you would quickly get the impression that Skweek was coma-inducing PacMan-style play, pick up icons for special powers, avoid the blob-like monsters and ghosts, fifty levels, etc. etc. Right, well on that score Skweek is certainly noting original. If you are the sort of gamer who won’t play Falcon because Spectrum Holobyte put in the wrong brand of radio-cassette player, you will hate this.
Amiga Format (Aug, 1989)
This French furball is doing its best to become cute phenomenon of they year, following other wacky favourites like Gribbly, Thing, Pogo and Bubble & Bobble. His (for it is a he and not a Skweezette) whole motivation in life is to turn blue tiles pink by running over them. From this simplest of concepts are constructed 99 fun levels.
Retro Archives (Jul 15, 2018)
La seule faiblesse de Skweek est également sa principale force: quatre directions, un bouton et un principe qu’on aura assimilé au bout de trois secondes; qui a dit que la simplicité était un défaut? Grâce à une prise en main immédiate et à un game design bien fichu, le titre de Loriciels offre l’exemple-type du jeu qu’on lance pour une partie de cinq minutes et auquel on se surprend à jouer une heure. Tout juste pourra-t-on regretter que la réalisation, en particulier la réalisation sonore, ne soit pas un tantinet plus ambitieuse, mais si vous cherchez une façon efficace de vous distraire en vous débranchant le cerveau, Skweek reste indéniablement une bonne pioche.
It's nice to see a game that doesn't contain too much violence. The main character walks around the mazes in a highly amusing fashion, with some very weird baddies chasing him. Although instantly attractive, the addictive may not last too long for older teenage players.
The same gameplay as the ST version, but slightly more impressive graphics and sound. Still nothing earth-shattering, though.
Der grafische Eindruck von SLIDER war durchaus positiv, obwohl die beim Verschieben der Steine auftretenden Flimmereffekte nicht ganz überzeugen konnten. Alles in allem stellt dieses Programm von Cachet eine brauchbare Umsetzung eines populären Denkspieles dar. Besonders die vielfältigen zusätzlichen Optionen heben SLIDER ein wenig von dem großen Vorbild ab. So ist es schon faszinierend, in welcher Präzision der Computer beim Steinchenschieben agiert. Trotz allem sollte man sich sehr gut überlegen, ob man die 35 Mark in dieses Spiel investieren will. Schließlich müßte dieses „namenlose“ Schiebespielchen, wenn auch nicht in so einer variablen Form, in irgendeiner vergessenen Schublade schlummern.