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Sleepwalker Credits

25 people


ProgrammingJohn Scott (CTA)
GraphicsRichard Cheek (CTA), Nick Harding
Original Storyboard\DesignRichard Cheek (CTA), John Scott (CTA), Leigh Walford

Sound Credits

MusicDave Newman (Torment), James Veal (Torment)
Sound EffectsPaul Holmes (Effective Sounds), Dave Newman (Torment), James Veal (Torment), Richard Steff

Design Credits

DesignRichard Cheek (CTA), John Scott (CTA), Leigh Walford, Roland Rivron, Richard Curtis, Michael Baywater, Jane Ross, Maxwell K. Taylor (Ocean), Colin Gordon (Ocean)

Miscellaneous Credits

CopperlistsLeigh Walford
Disk loader\Compression routinesRob Northen
Data RecoveryBradford Business Computers

Hardware Credits

Development KitSnasm - Cross Products
PC for SnasmJoysticks WsM
Drawing KitA500 4Mb RAM 80Mb Hard Disk


Quality Control EngineersLeigh Walford, Hugh Gibson, Lee Edmondson (Ocean), Neil Buchanan, Dave Pratt, Anthony Barlow (Ocean), Fred O'Rourke (Rebel City)

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