Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

The title: Space Quest
The Title: Roger Wilco in...
The Title: The Sarien Encounter
Our ship is being boarded by the Sariens!
Start of the game in the halls of the Arcada
Arcada Library.
Library computer console.
A dying scientist.
Open or close the bay doors?
Changing into a space suit in the Arcada airlock.
Escape pod.
By a strange twist of fate - you ended up in Conquests of the Longbow! (Another Sierra game)
Headed towards the planet Kerona.
Outside your wrecked escape pod.
Out in the desert
The cave of the orat!
Making your way past a rickety ledge.
Below the surface.
Grate monster.
The Two Guys are here for some on the spot commentary on Roger's death.
A holographic image that offers you a way of transportation.
An alien.
The remake gives you the option of skipping the skimmer arcade sequence.
The skimmer arcade sequence.
Crashed the skimmer...
Do I trust this guy?
Slot machine.
Outback of the bar.
Droids B Us.
Buying a robot
Picking up a droid.
Which space ship do I buy?
Enter a navigation code.
Flying through an asteroid field.
The Deltaur!
Deltaur airlock.
Inside the Detaur!