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PQ2 Computer DataBase:
    Battle the infamous Pirates of Pestulon as Roger Wilco continues his career as space-hero and part-time janitor. Help Roger survive the most bizarre dangers yet! The latest in the hit Space Quest series.

    Contributed by POMAH (52209) on Aug 13, 2003.

Advertisement in COMPUTE!'s PC Magazine, July 1989:
    "Such adventure, such danger, such wonderfully silly fun." -Questbusters


    There must be an easier way to make a living

    There's never a moment's rest for galactic heroes, and when you're Roger Wilco, space-age swashbuckler and all-around nice guy, the thrills just keep on coming. It seems there's always some kind of dangerous mess to clean up.

    This time it's those Two Guys from Andromeda, bestselling designers of Space Quest and Space Quest II, who have gone and gotten themselves foully abducted by the pesky pirates of Pestulon, those poaching parasites, those perverse perpetrators of petty mischief and putrid software.

    If Roger can't rescue the two guys from the bowels of the Scumsoft Software stronghold, his days as a popular adventure game character are definitely numbered.

    So it's simple, right? Just set course for Pestulon and storm the gates of Scumsoft.

    Not so fast, spacewipe!

    But the Two Guys don't write games for sissies. If you can't stomach being picked up like so much trash by a wandering garbage freighter, stalked by giant rubbish rats, ground into hamburger in the belly of the Mog, zapped by a scorpazoid in the deserts of Phleebhut, or deep-fried like a chimichanga on the planet Ortega, you'd better play one of those 'nice' games. In Space Quest III, The Pirates of Pestulon, you're not likely to be shown any mercy.

    Life's not easy for heroes

    Real heroes thrive on danger, and spacefaring broomjockey and freelance good-guy Roger Wilco is no exception. Is he afraid of being fried by lightning in a megathunderstorm? Is he afraid of landing in the trash shredder in the depths of the intergalactic garbage truck? Is he afraid of finishing the Belcher Combo plate at Monolith Burger? You bet your sweet asteroid!

    Trash heaps of praise for our Two Guys

    Game reviewers throughout the galaxy love Space Quest games: "...humorous and challenging...", "laugh-out-loud funny...", "genuinely entertaining...", "...A three dimensional graphic wonder..."

    Have you got what it takes? Now's your chance to find out

    But don't take their word for it -- blast off for adventure, challenge, and laughs with Roger Wilco and the Two Guys from Andromeda in Space Quest III, The Pirates of Pestulon.

    Original music from Supertramp's Bob Siebenberg

    Space Quest III features the best and most realistic sound of any Space Quest game. The exciting original music score and the more than two dozen realistic sound effects must be heard to be believed.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 08, 2001.

From back of box:

    Software authors pirated??

    The Two Guys from Andromeda, designers of the graphically extravagant (and satirically sensational) Space Quest series, have disappeared into thin oxygen! Hysterical game fanatics around the world await word on the whereabouts of these celestial celebrities!

    Who could be the mastermind behind this evil plot?

    Could it be the Pirates of Pestulon, known for their plundering, preying and unprincipaled practices? Or maybe the legions of Space Quest fans who would kill to be the first to play Spece Quest III (the graphic adventure game with the closest thing yet to motion picture-quality animation). Not to be forgotten are the monkey-suited minions of Sludge Vohaul (from our last episode), who would love to make banana pudding out of those responsible for putting them behind bars.

    Who are the dirty deed doers behind our daring duo's demise? Is it too late to save the two guys from a disgusting and downright despicable doom?

    Holy SpaceWaste, space adventurers, find out for yourself as Roger Wilco, intergalactic garbageman, returns to the rescue!


    • Superior graphics and animation combine to create a true interactive cartoon where you become the central character.

    • Includes an original music score (over 30 minutes long) created by rock 'n roll legend Supertramp's Bob Siebenberg.

    Blast off and feed your face at the Monolith.

    There are many places to explore, some will be hospitable...others will hospitalize you.

    Arnoid the Annihilator is knocking on your air lock...and he's not here to sell life insurance (although you could use some about now).

    Become part of an intergalactic scavenger hunt, and you're it!

    Completion of Space Quest 1 and/or 2 is not necessary, although Mark and Scott would appreciate the business.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 08, 2001.