Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Sierra presents
Title screen
Two Guys from Andromeda
Alien inside spaceship
Caught in alien tractorbeam
Insert Disk request
Starting point
Acme rocket and star wars fighter
Going to elevator
Jump off conveyor belt
Deceleration Trauma.You are dead.
Ingame help screen
Operating machine
Typing command
Inside tunnel
Picking up important cargo
There is debris everywhere
There is a hidden exit somewhere
Isn't that my ship?
Inside the Aluminum Mallard.
Ship status.
Fester's World o' Wonders!
Arriving at Monolith Burger.
Monolith Burger.
There's all sorts of aliens here at Monolith Burger.
And you thought teenagers with acne was bad...
Astro Chicken arcade game.
On the planet Ortega. Watch out for the Scum Soft employees.
A giant machine.
A huge base.
Getting turned into jello by Scum Soft jerks.
Scum Soft cubicles.
Scum Soft ship yard.
There's more than one way to by-pass a security door!
It's the Two Guys from Andromeda! And they're stuck in Jello!
In the Nukem Dukem Robot stadium.
Elmo fills us in on the rules of the game.
Nukem Dukem Robot sequence.