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While done Virgin, who with David Bishop at the adventuring helm are really bringing out some tip top product.
To my mind, the best thing about Spirit of Excalibur is that it's simple to play. Sure, it's beautifully presented. And sure, there's depth - plenty of it, with hundreds of computer generated characters and cities scattered around the 16 screen scrolling map. But in this case, style, depth and simple fun are superbly blended into a thoroughly engrossing game.
Zero (Jun, 1991)
It's a role-playing/strategy game that's a bit like the ancient Defender of the Crown, but with lots of plot and stuff spooned onto it. The result is a heady mixture of nice pictures, role-playing, arcadey bits, character interaction and magic spells which all blend into each other better than might be expected.
Amiga Joker (Apr, 1991)
Auch sollte man sich intensiv mit der Hintergrundstory beschĂ€ftigen und alle erhaltenen Informationen grĂŒndlich ĂŒberdenken. Nur so erfĂ€hrt man, welche Ritter sich fĂŒr welche Aufgaben am besten eignen, wer ĂŒber bestimmte magische FĂ€higkeiten verfĂŒgt, und wo genau es im Königreich kriselt. Gerade in den vielen Details und dem umfangreichen historischen Hintergrundmaterial liegt nĂ€mlich der Reiz dieses außergewöhnlichen Games! SelbstverstĂ€ndlich gibt‘s hier auch nette Sounds zu hören und hĂŒbsche Grafiken zu sehen, beispielsweise wird jeder Ort durch ein eigenes, animiertes Bild dargestellt. Um aber wirklich Freude an Spirit of Excalibur zu haben, braucht man die Bereitschaft, sich richtig tief in die Materie einzuarbeiten - und vielleicht ein Zweitlaufwerk...
(page 51)
Enchanted Realms (Sep, 1991)
Overall, Spirit of Excalibur is a valiant effort, graphically and audibly pleasing, with several definite problems. Virgin is aware of these and is "cleaning them up" in the sequel, Vengeance of Excalibur, due out later this year. Hard disk installation is simple; copy protection is symbol-based from the provided map of Englande. So, if you're into Arthurian legend and strategic gameplay, Spirit of Excalibur may be worth your investment – if you can live with its idiosyncracies and high frustration level.
Amiga Action (Jun, 1991)
On first impressions Spirit of Excalibur looks like yet another Defender of the Crown clone (aaargh!), but it's not so don't jump off that cliff just yet. The combat sequences of the game are quite different and you have a lot more control over your armies and knights. However, one gripe I do have is with the mouse control - it's very awkward. Most of the control icons are on the right side of the screen alongside the map and each time you go to use them it makes the map scroll in that direction - easy to rectify, but extremely irritating. Not a bad game overall though.
Die Grafik ist auf dem Amiga und natĂŒrlich beim PC mit VGA ein echter Genuß und bringt den Spieler echt auf den Trip in die Vergangenheit. Die einzelnen Episoden machen Spaß und sind tatsĂ€chlich motivierend, wenn auch fĂŒr Puristen dieser Spielarten nicht geeignet. Wer jedoch als AnfĂ€nger mal was anderes als Ballerspiele zocken will, wird mit diesem klar strukturierten, ĂŒbersichtlichen Adventure-Rollen-Strategiespiel durchaus vergnĂŒgliche Stunden erleben!
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Pretty, but unless you are prepared to make several cups of coffee while each sequence loads, forget it.
Amiga Power (Jun, 1991)
If you've got a few hours to kill while you're waiting for a train, this is a game that you can load up without fear of it causing you to miss it. (On the other hand, standing on the platform might be more fun)

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