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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.8
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.1

Critic Reviews

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Amiga Computing (May, 1991)
Once you've sussed out all the different options, you'll find Star Control to be a source of many hours of computer entertainment. It's obvious that a lot of thought has gone into Star Control, making this a game worth checking out.
Amiga Action (Apr, 1991)
To look at Star Control you wouldn't think that it would require 1 meg but sadly it does. The gameplay is addictive, but does tend to become repetitive after numerous battles and tactics is excellent, and so is the inclusion of the scenario editor. The graphics are eye-catching, and the sound, most of which is sampled, is also of an equally high standard. With all this said, Star Control is a brilliant game to begin with but unfortunately tends to lose its appeal after a while due to lack of variation in the levels.
CU Amiga (Mar, 1991)
Once again evil does battle with square jawed good, in a futuristic strategy. The prize? Earth. The game? Star Control. Is it playable? You bet... The gameplay is centred around single ships in head-to-head-combat. Each side can have up to seven different craft in their fleet, and the object is to completely annihilate all opposing craft; simple, eh? By playing in the mele mode you only get to experience the arcade side, but select the strategy option and the game takes on a completely different style. The objective is still the same, only now you can colonise various planets, build new spacecraft, fortify and mine different areas of the space system, and make lots of money by exploiting various planets. All this takes place in a style very similar to Virgin's Supremacy, with an almost identical starfield. You even get little animations in the corner of the screen.
Remember the ancient Space Wars coin-op? This is much the same, but with extra ships and extra strategies. Unfortunately, the good guys never win because the bad guys have got all the good ships, so it's very one-sided. A pretty good laugh in two-player mode, Star Control is worth a look.
Zzap! (Apr, 1991)
The arcade ship-to-ship combat can be fun, for a few minutes, but then you shouldn't be buying Star Control for the pleasure of shooting aliens. There are far more superior arcade games out there which specialise in blasting and maiming. The good points of Star Control? Well, the graphics are nice and the sound is okay and the... erm... well that's it really. The bottom line? Forget it.
Glancing at the packaging and the manual Star Control looks like an exciting game, but your enthusiasm will begin to wane from the moment that you boot it up for the first time. Perseverance may yield some rewards, but there is little here to attract the average games player for very long.
Was soll ich also abschließend sagen? Ein Durchschnittsmagermix aus Action und Strategie, dem es an Highlights fehlt, und der mit 85 DM als zu teuer bewertet werden muß.
Amiga Joker (Jan, 1991)
So gut sich das auch alles anhören mag, so schlecht wurde es in der Praxis umgesetzt: Was sich nämlich hier auf dem Screen tut, ist mehr als traurig, das ist einfach unterstes PD-Niveau! Die Menüs sind unsagbar trist, und die Raumschiffe werden als winzige Pünktchen dargestellt, die sich nur mit Mühe erkennen lassen (nur wenn sie sich einander annähern, kommen sie kurzfristig größer ins Bild). Dazu ist die Steuerung per Joystick ziemlich träge, mit der Tastatur geradezu katastrophal. Dabei wäre das Spiel ansonsten eigentlich ganz gut ausgestattet, z.B. übernimmt der Computer auf Wunsch den Action- oder den Strategieteil, und man kann die Raumschiffduelle beliebig lange üben. Aber was hilft‘s — bei derart erbärmlicher Grafik und nur ansatzweise vorhandener Spielbarkeit in den Actionszenen?!
Behind all the hype is a simple game of the 'Asteroids' genre, only replace the asteroid part with another spaceship and you have it. These two spacecraft whizz around the galaxy (and yes some of the backdrop planets are pretty) trying to shoot the other into oblivion. Wrapped around that core is a sort of strategy game that has you as the Alliance Of Free Stars battling against the Ur-Quan Hierarchy for control of the galaxy. You get 14 ships from which to choose, but to be honest unless the two ships get very close to each other, whereupon the screen changes to a close up, all you see are two diminutive sprites shooting across the screen. This is a major disappointment from a company that has always had my support for its quality output. One to forget.