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Stardust Credits (Amiga)

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Stardust Credits


ProgrammingHarri Tikkanen
Ray TracingHarri Tikkanen
GraphicsCeleborn Hagelberg, Sampsa Virtanen, Jani Isoranta
MusicRisto Vuori, Bassbomb
Disk Accessing RoutinesJussi Hartzell
Additional CodingJussi Hartzell
SW Scroll and Hall of FameMikko Hamalainen
PlaytestingPetteri Putkonen
Additional Game DesignPetteri Putkonen
Ray Traced Intro AnimationMare Ollinkari
Thanks toRealsoft, Stavros Fasoulas, Communist, Sulky Fellow

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Credits for this game were contributed by B.L. Stryker (21068)