Starflight Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Company logo EA
Company logo Micro Magic
Company logo Binary Systems
Title screen
Load menu (Main menu)
Interstel HQ
The first bulletin
Reviewing crew files
Crew assignment
Outfitting the ship
Trade Depot in buy mode
To boldly go....
Traveling in the home star system
Orbiting planet
Analyzing planet (hmm, Spock needs more training)
Choosing a landing site
Descending onto planet
Exploring the landscape
Planet map zoomed out
Collecting minerals (on another planet)
Back at starport and selling the collected stuff
Analyzing the artifact we came across on one of the planets
Making an entry in the ship's log.
Inter-stellar travel.
Choose where to land on a planet.
Safe landing.
Found a message from the Old Empire on a planet.
Scanning another ship.
Communication with Mechan 9 - a group of androids.