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Super Stardust Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Start game, options & password entering are located on the same screen.
First stage briefing
Like Asteroids, larges stones are shot into smaller pieces.
Level clear!
Mini boss with rotating flamethrower.
The screen "wraps", so when an object leaves the screen at one side it appears again on the other side, as you can see in this screenshot.
The little spaceship is a weapon delivery vessel. Shoot it to get a new weapon!
The little (G) is a pickup. Get them for additional points and powerups.
One of the pickups you can find turns into a swirling fireball that kills enemies.
If the timer in the top right corner reaches zero, a bunch of small enemies appear from nowhere!
Oh no, they killed me. Luckily you get up to 5 lives plus continues.
First boss approaching. The game uses pre-rendered graphics which was quite new at the time of release.
Who's gonna win, you or the boss?
Killed the boss!
The first tunnel sequence is about to start.
The tunnel sequences are quite impressive with their 3D view.
Enemy vessel approaching from behind!
Shoot the stones for bonus pickups.
At the end of the tunnel you are awarded lots of bonuses!
Congratulations! Tunnel sequence completed!
You get a new backdrop on level 2, showing "Starbase Foak 474".
These star shaped enemies attack in a circular formation around you.
When things get tough, you can protect yourself by using your shield. Unfortunately it is very limited.
The weapon selection screen.
Rocks come in many different colours.
At the game over screen, the game rates your effort...
Hall of fame. Enter you name at the highscore list.
Special Mission is loading
Thrust-like style Special Mission is a bonus level when you can find up to 3 extra lives.
The second tunnel sequence
The third world - Cybercity
Third world's guardian
The third tunnel sequence
The fourth world
The fourth world guardian
The fourth tunnel sequence
The fifth world