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Superfrog Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Features table
Bonus table
High scores table
Level overview
Level 1-1 starting point
Level 1-1 jumping high with help of catapult
Level 1-1 finished
Bonus game after finishing level
World 2 - The castle.
Pull the levers to open doors.
Secret passage.
Uff... That was close.
The statue of our hero.
Jumping on the trampolines.
Welcome to the fun park!
99 coins to collect.
Big sucking thing.
Level 4 - The pyramid.
Hidden chamber.
The mummy.
Level 5 - The ice world.
Beware of snowballs.
Superfrog goes to the moon.
Secret level.
Project-X style level.