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Advertising Blurbs

Advert in Commodore Format (Issue 05 Feb 91 p15) – UK:

    S W I V

    From the programmers of Silkworm, the shoot 'em up of the eighties, comes SWIV, the shoot 'em up of the nineties.

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    Computer aided weapons system on-line, communications equipment operational. System checks complete, prepare for combat as a member of your nations elite assault team - SWIV. Two different vehicles of devastating destructive power, fighting together in one team.

    PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Destroy enemy control centres.

    SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Interdiction mission. The destruction by military force of all enemy units.

    SWIV - No one knows what it means but everyone will know it when it arrives. Coming soon.

    "Destined to be the shoot 'Em Up of the year" Amiga Computing November.'90
    Superlative Shoot 'Em Up Stunna." Zero November.'90

    Contributed by FatherJack (62720) on Dec 06, 2014.

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