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Faultless arcade game, near-faultless conversion. Martin Smith (78) 4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (21 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Top Secret (Jan, 1993)
Gra jak na gatunek SHOOT'EM UP jest bardzo dobra, niektórzy sądzą, że najlepsza. Grafika jest szybka i urozmaicona co sprawia, że gra jest pasjonująca. Akcja gry rozgrywana jest na bardzo różnorodnym terenie, całe robactwo latająco-pełzająco-strzelające posiada wiele różnych, bardzo dobrze animowanych wcieleń. Gra technicznie zrobiona fenomenalnie. Wspaniała rozrywka dla maniaków dobrej strzelanki. Wszyscy amatorzy mocnych wrażeń chwyćcie mocniej joysticki i do boju, w obronie rodzimej planety!
The graphics on the Amiga version are absolutely stunning, using the Copper chip to the full - the backgrounds are all made up of separate sprites! The C64 doesn't lose out, either, with loads of craft nipping around the screen like there's no tomorrow! The sound on both games is also outstanding, with tons of loud and raucous explosions - when the going gets tough (which it invariably does), it sounds like a full-scale war! Add to that the automatic difficulty level (which takes into account how you're doing and if one or two players are taking part), and you've got yourself one of the most addictive and playable blasters in ages. Miss this and you'll never forgive yourself!
The One (Mar, 1991)
Glorious graphics, sound that goes beyond the functional and that elusive 'one more try' factor makes SWIV an essential purchase for blasting fans.
Amiga Format (Apr, 1991)
Well presented vertically-scrolling shoot-em-ups are few and far between these days, so SWIV comes as a glorious return to the genre. It looks good, sounds wonderful and contains some of the most frantic action yet seen in a shoot-em-up. So get it and try pumping some lead!
Amiga Action (May, 1991)
After seeing the beginning stages of SWIV at the ECES show I just couldn't wait to see the finished game, and now that it's here it's just as good as I thought it was going to be. When you first play the game, although the sound and graphics are superb the gameplay doesn't seem that great, but then you realise that the difficulty level gradually changes according to how well you're doing. This avoids you being put in a situation where the enemy is rock solid and all you've got is your initial gun. SWIV really is totally amazing and a must for any computer owner.
Zero (Nov, 1990)
Right let's get things in the open. (Put that away! Ed.) This game has absolutely nothing -NOTHING- to do with Silkworm, but they could stand for other things as well. (Like what? Ed.) Well, like er, Soviet Willies for example, or Sausage Watch, or Seduction Wedge, or... or... lots of things. (What about the 'IV' part then? Ed.) Well, 'IV' stands for... for... intra-venous. So the game is not actually the sequel to Silkworm but in fact called 'Starch Wobbly In Vegetable'. Okay, so it has a helicopter and jeep working together, providing cover for each other, penetrating the vastness of enemy the terrain. But it's just sheer coincidence that Silkworm involved much the same thing. And yeah, they might be programmed by the same team who brought you Silkworm, but that is, as the Russians say, how the economy crumbles.
Raze (Jun, 1991)
It is definitely a game that was designed for two players and anyone who misses the chance to set up a deadly crossfire using both vehicles is clearly going to lead a very sheltered life. In fact the poor chap could miss out on the shoot-'em-up of 1991. (Whoops, now I've put my foot in it.)
Amiga Joker (Apr, 1991)
Ballerorgien gibt’s bekanntlich viele, aber nur sehr wenige können den Action-Freak wirklich zur Extase treiben. “Silkworm” war so ein Fall, und Storms neue Game fällt ebenfalls in diese Kategorie! Der Vergleich mit der altehrwürdigen Seidenraupe drängt sich förmlich auf, denn bei SWIV handelt es sich um einen inoffiziellen Nachfolger des Action-Klassikers. Aber ob nun „Silkworm IV“ oder SWIV (habt Ihr die Namensverwandschaft bemerkt?), hier wartet ein Shoot 'em up der Sonderklasse.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Looks good, sounds good, comes with a neat two-player option - and all in one (massive) level too! There aren't any bad things (unless you find all those drab military-style colours a bit depressing). Frantic - one of the best shoot-'em-ups we've seen.
Zzap! (Apr, 1991)
After going down a storm following their first victory against a group of mad generals, all seemed well for Hot Wheels Hooliha, Armoured Jeep commander extraordinaire and his Helicopter Gunship buddy, Rotor Head Ralph. Together they're the Special Weapons Interdiction Vehicles team and they'd just begun to take in some R and R when an alert came in. Looks like another bunch of mad generals is on the loose with secret factories producing new weapons by the ton load. So start the rotors up, Ralph, jump-start that Jeep, Hoolihan and kick some mad ass! (Nothing like a quick start to the mayhem, don't you think!)
The combination of speed, clear but highly detailed graphics, sound and visual effects made Silkworm a surprise classic. SWIV is almost there, but just misses out on "hall of fame" status, partly due to the slight lack of urgency, which is linked to the very slow moving backgrounds. It never quite feels as if you're really motoring, even though the screen is filled with explosions, missiles and swirling waves of aircraft. It's not bad though, far from it. SWIV is definitely one of the best zappers seen this year, and will more than satisfy those suffering from the recent shoot 'em up drought.
Retro Archives (Jul 12, 2020)
Proposant une réalisation réellement impressionnante pour la machine, avec des dizaines de sprites constamment à l'écran, le titre conserve également le gameplay asymétrique de son aîné et propose à n'en pas douter un des tout meilleurs shoot-them-up à deux joueurs de la ludothèque de l'Amiga. Mieux vaudra être préparé, cependant: SWIV est un titre difficile dont le faux rythme qui vire au marathon exige une concentration de tous les instants, à tel point que même la frénésie ambiante n'empêche pas qu'on finisse fatalement par décrocher sur le long terme. Une difficulté mieux équilibrée et un peu plus de variété dans les adversaires n'auraient clairement pas fait de tort, et en l'état, en dépit de qualités indéniables, on se surprend à penser qu'on s'amusait peut-être plus sur Battle Squadron. Un très bon représentant des shoot-them-up sur ordinateur avec leurs forces et leurs faiblesses.
Dadurch, daß alles schon mal dagewesen ist und die Motivation im Ein-Spieler-Modus nicht gar so lang anhalten kann, halte ich einen Hit-Stern für nicht gerechtfertigt. Nun, SWIV ist ein sehr gutes Programm, doch leider gleicht es einer Frühlingssuppe: Man nimmt ein bißchen davon, ein wenig hiervon und schon ist sie fertig .
Power Play (May, 1991)
Nach dem enttäuschenden "Saint Dragon" haben die Random-Access-Programmierer wieder zugelegt. Swiv ist ein stimmungsvolles Ballerspiel, das für handfeste Action auf dem Bildschirm sorgt. Da man sich die Art der Extras kurzfristig aussuchen kann, kommt sogar eine strategische Note ins Spiel. Technisch fällt Swiv sowohl positiv (nachladen während des Spiels, viele Objekte gleichzeitig), als auch negativ (gelegentliches Ruckeln, relativ langsam) auf. Wenn man sich das Unterangebot an guten Actionspielen auf dem Amiga ansieht, dann steht dem Erfolg von Swiv (bis auf das erstklassige "Turrican II") wenig im Weg. Wer auf kernige Action mit leichtem Touch zur Unübersichtlichkeit und Hektik steht, der wird prima bedient.