Teenage Queen Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen
Starting a new game against your opponent
Sometimes the current picture is replaced with this close up of her eyes
First round done and the coat comes off
Is this strip poker or show me a pose poker?
Another round and she flashes her panties at you
The current image serves as the backdrop for the card playing
Still not sure exactly what's been stripped off...
Apparently we are taking a break to have a soda pop
The roller skates come off
Followed by the panties. She looks a bit distressed at the direction this is going.
Maybe she can still win by coming from behind
Socks and stockings gone
Not sure what she has left to bid, but the game continues
Full exposure but still she bids more
Oh my GOD! You didn't need to strip that much off!!! This is what you see when you finally win.