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Tetris Credits

Mirrorsoft version

Amiga versionJohn Jones-Steele

Spectrum Holobyte/Infogrames version

Original Tetris concept byAlexey L. Pajitnov
Original design and program byVadim Gerasimov

Mirrorsoft version

Music byDavid Whittaker

Spectrum Holobyte/Infogrames version

Amiga version programmed byJohn Jones-Steele

Mirrorsoft version

Graphics byDenis Harris

Spectrum Holobyte/Infogrames version

Amiga version programmed byKevin T. Seghetti
Program graphics for Amiga version byJody Sather, Daniel L. Guerra
Music byEd Bogas
Amiga music player byKevin T. Seghetti
Addendum byMarisa Ong
ProducerSean B. Barger
Manual Written byAndrea Scuffos, Larry R. Throgmorton
Manual LayoutSally Joy Park
Package DesignKaren Sherman, Sean B. Barger
Special thanks toBilly Sutyono, Ty Roberts, Gary Clayton, Dan Geisler, Eng An Jio, Anthony Chiang, John Lee, R. Anton Widjaja

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