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The Three Stooges Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

In the wrong game!
Title screen
Introduction story
Ok, what should we do?
Oh no! Larry broke his violin!
Larry must run to get a radio before the boxing match is over
Kick him! Kick him! Yeah! Yeah!
Catering mission
Throw pies at the guests!
Stooges Trivia
Hospital stage
The bad guy reminds us of his badness
The game's credits are displayed on billboards.
Curly gets ready to box.
Larry now has radio and must get back in time for Curly to win.
Larry made it back in time.
Quit the game or not?
Found 300 dollars in a wallet on the street.
It's today's radio quiz. Answer the question for 500 dollars.
The big ice cube full of cash fell on Curly's head.
The Stooges are mistaken for waiters.
Curly gets ready to start the cracker eating contest.
Grab the crackers before the oysters eat them.
I didn't get many crackers, so I won't get much money.
Got my finger caught in a mouse trap. If you do this five times, the game will end.
Game Over - I lost, and the evil banker gloats about it.