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Ruddy good 3D flying blasting action all round, with a pretty inventive incentive (trying to keep the viewers happy)!
See the ST review for game details. There are few differences between the two versions, but the Amiga does have better sound (as expected!). Definitely one to consider.
Das Resümee zu THUNDERSTRIKE sollte wohl nicht allzuschwer fallen. Egal, ob Ihr nun stolzer Besitzer eines Amigas oder eines PC‘s (vorausgesetzt er besitzt EGA- oder VGA-Karte) seid, erwartet Euch in beiden Fällen ein Actionspiel der Extraklasse. Sowohl von der spielerischen wie auch der technischen Seite her hebt sich das MILLENIUM-Werk stark von anderen Games dieses Genres ab. Der ASM-Hitstern wirkt da fast schon etwas untertrieben.
Very similar to the ST version. A few more colours in the presenter and panels but otherwise definition is identical. Movement is slower, with resultant loss of gameplay, and effects are just as basic.
Amiga Computing (Oct, 1990)
For something as technically advanced as the solid 3D graphics in Thunderstrike, they move fast. Of course, it doesn't matter how complicated the calculation behind the scene are if they don't move fast enough as to be playable. Relax: Thunderstrike is as playable as you wish it to be.
Amiga Format (Oct, 1990)
The addictive factor fades after a few rounds as there are only so many ways to win, so many chances to take, in the same arena. The development of the ship adds staying power, but the improvements aren't that noticeable as the increase in performance is only gradual. Despite this lack of longevity, Thunderstrike is still worth watching.
Amiga Action (Sep, 1990)
At first glance ThunderStrike doesn't look like a game that will keep you occupied for very long, but once you start playing the game you realise just how playable it is. The controls are a little bit awkward but you soon get the hang of them, and the option screen allows you to perfect the mouse sensitivity to just how you like it. All in all, ThunderStrike is a great game and well worth the money.
Amiga Action (Apr, 1992)
An average 3D shoot'em-up which is good fun for a short time, but it too fails in the lastability stakes, mainly because the difference between the various levels is minimal.
Zzap! (Oct, 1990)
The game of the Millennium, groan, is Ground Defence Games. An audience of billions is captivated by the kamikaze bravery of pilots competing for the coveted title of 'Defender of the Ground'. The objective is simply to destroy all the robots ad enemy forces, drones and drone generators, before they wipe out your base pyramids. If you lose your bases you're out; if you survive you go through to the next round (The Games are set in five arenas to survive).
Amiga Joker (Oct, 1990)
Die Vektorgrafik ist sehr schnell, und die (wenigen) Zwischenbilder hat man sehr schön vom PC (VGA) rübergezogen. Nur sind die Landschaften halt arg abstrakt und wirken dadurch auf die Dauer eintönig. Und die Radarsysteme sind viel zu unausgereift, um wirklich von praktischem Nutzen zu sein. Der Sound (mickrige Effekte und ‘ne kurze Nummer vom alten Bach) wirkt ebenfalls nicht unbedingt motivationssteigernd. Empfehlenswert also nur für Vektorgrafikfans, die etwas Baller-KURZweil suchen.
Power Play (Oct, 1990)
Pfui! Da schaffen es die Programmierer, Schneckengrafik und Ruckanimation auf dem Amiga hinzuschludern. Da ist das PC-Vorbild um Klassen flotter (dabei ist eigentlich der PC bei schnellen Actionspielen gehandikapt). Außerdem kann man nur noch mit der Maus steuern, was einen schnell zum Fluchen bringt, denn mit der Tastatur ging's deutlich präziser – und das ist hier zum Überleben essentiell.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Defender for the 3D generation. An absolute PC classic, so why is the Amiga version so appalling? A seriously average game which could have been an absolute gem. Thunderstrike? More like Chunderstrike.
Amiga World (May, 1991)
I highly recommend Magic Fly to the Christopher Columbus-type and ThunderStrike to the action-craving armchair fighter jock. Either one or the other is bound to bring you endless hours of fun.
Upon first play of the game, one might think that Thunderstrike is just another run-of-the-mill, "shoot-'em-up" arcade game. However, after closer inspection, this reviewer came to the realization that Thunderstrike is fast-paced, requires a modicum of thought, and is addicting.