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Turrican II: The Final Fight Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen in all its glory
Start of world 1 - these blocks are invisible, you need to shoot them once to see them and keep shooting them to get extras out of them
A nice effect is the storm - you can't get past but you can use it to get on a higher ledge
A well hidden extra life - believe me, this game is all extra lifes, you just need to find them :)
Fighting a dragon - Turrican can turn into a wheel which rolls on the floor. You can't harm the dragon this way, but you're invincible AND...
... you can use small bombs. Yes, they are unhealthy :)
Umm... hello Mr. Big hehe
Destroy the bee-hive to prevent more bees from emerging.
Walking on a bridge.
An enemy dropping bombs on me.
This is an optional boss. If you kill it, you get two extra-lives.
Firing at a slimy enemy.
Vicious fishes below me.
If you shoot this bouncing spike-ball, it will split into several small ones.
Going for a swim. Some jellyfish are seen to the left.
Fight against a huge boss. It tries to grab me with its claw, but fails miserably.
Taking off in a space-ship.
The game turns into a space-ship shooter for a couple of levels.
A big flying robot is behind me, firing a rocket.
One of the boss-fights in the space-ship levels.
The game is back to normal again. A bouncing gear-wheel is trying to kill me.
Jumping over an enemy that can't be killed.
This looks like a dragon. I'm using the surround-beam on its face!
This reminds me of something. Perhaps a movie?
These face-huggers are deadly. Destroy the eggs as fast as you can.