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I'm pleased that Typhoon Thompson has finally reached the Amiga with fantastic high playability fully intact. The sled's difficult to control but once accustomed to it's a joy, and becomes highly addictive, Fun, original and great value at £19,99 - get it.
Zzap! (May, 1990)
Sea sprites are the cutest things in the known universe. Living on groups of tiny islands on the planet Aguar, they're yellow furry things that can swim like dolphins – and turn bright red with popping eyeballs when they're getting angry. What's more they're incredibly possessive little varmints, so when Flight 396 goes down over the planet we know we've got trouble. The only survivor of the crash is a human child.
CU Amiga (Mar, 1990)
his is a cute, funny, sickeningly addictive, all round nice game. Winner of many accolades, the ST version could not put a foot wrong. Typhoon Thompson and the Amiga will surely go the same way. The opening sequence shows Thompson being dumped unceremoniously out of a spacecraft and onto a Jet-Sled. His mission is to find a shipwrecked child. From out of nowhere two mysterious spirit guardians appear, give him a mysterious power and a few orders and then vanish.
Power Play (Mar, 1990)
Endlich gibt es den niedlichen Kerl, der mit einem düsenangetriebenen Boot auf einem Wasserplaneten Kobolde ärgert, auch auf dem Amiga.
This version is visually the same as the game on the ST but sound is better. There are some short automatic animation sequences in the game which are quite amusing and entertaining. This is a thoroughly enjoyable game and should keep you busy for quite some time.
[Budget re-release] The strange thing about TT is that the graphics are all tiny with little detail. In fact they look like something from a C64 game. Having said that, they are superbly animated, and the sheer playability of the game makes up for anything it might be lacking in the audio-visual department.
Amiga Format (May, 1990)
The year is 2124 and men have boldly gone where no man has gone before, out into the far reaches of space. Even passenger craft make trips to distant galaxies. But it pays not to be too blasé about space travel where the ocean planet of Aguar, in the Omega sector, is concerned.
Amiga Joker (Jan, 1990)
Trotz des simplen Spielprinzips macht Typhoon Thompson höllisch Spaß, was nicht zuletzt an der irre witzigen Animation der Spielfiguren und der intelligenten Maussteuerung liegt. Schade nur, daß es bis auf die piepsige Titelmelodie während des Spiels keine Musikuntermalung gibt. Sei‘s drum: Die feucht-fröhliche Rettungsaktion macht einfach Laune!
Amiga Computing (May, 1990)
OH Great, a sailing game. I just love sailing games (says he with just a hing of sarcasm). But what is this on the back of the box? "You have heard it all before – amazing graphics, stunning 3D effects...". Well they are right there, I certainly have heard it all before. Several times. Several times today, in fact. And it is still early. Ah, but perhaps this is not about sailing. And perhaps the blurb on the back is actually telling the truth? What makes me suspect this? Could it be the rather excellent opening animations and the cutesy tune? Yes, I think it could. Well I never, perhaps I am going to enjoy this game after all.
Soweit, so gut, doch was hat sich seit der ST-Fassung getan? Nun ja, außer dem Stereo-Sound und der etwas höheren Farbenanzahl nicht viel, warum auch, Typhoon „Thommy“ war schon auf dem ST ein tolles Spiel und ist es nun, ein Jahr später, auch auf dem Amiga.