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atari kombinera

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Making a player disk
Starting a new game
A vision of a moongate
You spot a renaissance fair
The mysterious ankh gets you free admission
Could your fate be decided in that gypsy wagon?
She wears an ankh as well, what could that mean?
These aren't your usual tarot cards.
Moral decisions must be made and how you answer the questions determines what class your character will be in the game.
I think I'll choose Spirituality over Sacrifice.
Where you start in the game is determined by your choices. Spirituality is the virtue of the Ranger class, so I appear by the Ranger town of Skara Brae.
Exploring Skara Brae. Provisions are important to purchase as you constantly eat them during your travels. Run out and you will starve to death.
Shamino is the main NPC ranger. If you start as any other class you can recruit him to your party.
The only way off the island without a boat is to wait for a moon gate to appear.
I've taken the moon gate and am now lost somewhere in Brittania being chased by skeletons.
Combat takes place on a separate screen where you make tactical decisions.
I defeated the skeleton and he dropped this chest for me to loot.
Traveling through a mountain pass. Rough terrain such as hills and forests take slow your movement.
Snakes are bad news for a low level character. I've been poisoned and continue losing health even after the snake is dead.
I succumbed to the poison and died, but thankfully Lord British has brought me back from the void.
The prison in Lord British's castle has monsters and miscreants behind bars.
Just outside the castle of Lord British. You can see the nearby town of Britain to the Northwest.
Iolo the jester joins my party. One NPC of every class aside from your own can join your party.