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Ultima VI: The False Prophet Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Watching TV at home.
A storm starts up outside.
Lightning strikes!
A red moon gate appears.
Entering the moon gate.
Title screen
Choosing a portrait for a new character.
The gypsy will help you make your character.
Starting the morality tests that will determine your character's nature.
All the questions have been answered and the potion is ready.
Proven ready for Ultima VI!
You start out about to be sacrificed by gargoyles.
Your old friends Shamino, Dupre and Iolo show up to rescue you. Shamino (in the middle) resembles Richard Garriott aka Lord British, the creator of Ultima.
Three gargoyles must be defeated by the throne.
Talking to Lord British.
Exploring the castle. Night time and darkness reduce your visibility.
Under the castle lies the sewers, the first dungeon in the game.
Looking at horses in the town of Britain. I don't currently have enough gold to buy one.
Crossing the drawbridge on the way back to the Castle of Lord British.