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Universe Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo
Title screen
Intro sequence
Starting scene
Screen with task bar activated
Low gravity effects
Alien city.
A friendly young lady.
The streets are patrolled by robots.
Upstairs of the future home.
Alley with PTV parked.
Inside the PTV.
Alien world.
Another planet...
Wrecked spacecraft.
Wheelworld docks.
City on Wheelworld.
City life.
Arcade sequence, fight the jetpackers.
More of the city.
Spaceport hallway.
Get ready to board the spaceliner.
Spaceliner lounge.
Spaceliner hall.
Holograph message from the rebels.
Hanger of spaceliner.
Ancient alien artifact...
Another World!
The Power Gem is protected by the laser beams.
Alien war machine.
Aboard a craft captured by the rebels.
Imperial Capital planet.
City streets.
Guardian robots.
Ancient tunnel.
More of the tunnels.