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Unreal Credits (Amiga)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Unreal Credits


ArtworkingFranck Sauer, Marc Albinet
ProgrammingYann Robert, Yves Grolet
MusicsManiacs of Noise
Vector BallsThomas Landspurg
Disk RoutinesMichel Janssens
Additional ArtFrançois Déon
Additional CodeGilles Delmotte
ScenarioJean Luc Wilgaut
Game TestingSerge Hascoët
Thanks toJean Claude Sente, Tim White (T. White), F. Nico
Hello toLaurent Larminier (L. Larminier), C. E. W., S. Spielberg, Alexis Leseigneur (A. Leseigneur), Mario van Zeist (M. van Zeist), Jeroen Tel (J. Tel), Frederic Hahn (F. Hahn)
Cover illustrationTim White

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