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Unreal Reviews (Amiga)

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Amiga Joker (Sep, 1990)
Wenn es nötig ist, extra nach Paris zu fliegen um ein brandheißes Testmuster für Euch zu ergattern, dann machen wir das halt. Und Ubi Softs Geniestreich von einem Action-Game war die Reise allemal wert: Drei Disketten, vollgepackt mit fantastischen Grafiken, trickfilmreifen Animationen und irrwitzigen Sounds demonstrieren die Fähigkeiten unserer "Freundin" wahrlich eindrucksvoll!
This high difficult level detracts from the playability of the game and can be infuriating at times. But if you like scrolling beat-em-up's with puzzles along the way then you will really enjoy this game.
CU Amiga (Aug, 1990)
The graphics and sound are typically French. Drawbacks include a slight over use of the 3D dragon section and some testing jumps in the 2D section. Apart from these minor quibbles the rest of the game is fantastic. I heartily suggest a trip to your local softshop to purchase this sword and sorcery extravaganza.
Zzap! (Aug, 1990)
Unreal was once a barren planet. But then the Sleeper awoke long enough to send a servant to create life there. The necessary ingredients were life-giving eggs, the four elements (water, air, earth, fire) and two guardians to maintain the balance between good and evil. Unfortunately, the servant was killed by a meteor and his possessions scattered, bringing chaos. The guardians soon become all powerful, controlling everything from dinosaurs to the smallest bee. The only exception was life in an isolate valley where a life egg fell which the guardians missed.
Unreal's highly challenging so it's just as well there's a save game option, three saves per disk and accessible at any time. This feature is typical of the attention to detail and quality of Unreal, another great Ubi Soft game.
Amiga Action (Aug, 1990)
A graphical masterpiece, Unreal is the game Shadow Of The Beast should have been. Featuring two distinctly different gameplay styles, the game is both good to look at and even better to play. Couple this, with some brilliant platform action and you have a real winner. There are a few gameplay quirks that annoyed me, but, overall, this is UBI Soft's best yet.
The One (Aug, 1990)
When it boils down to it, Unreal is simply a combination of two tried and tested game styles (best represented perhaps by Shadow Of The Beast and Space Harrier). And yet commendably, it manages to remain fresh and playable in its own right.
Insgesamt also ist mit UNREAL ein vorzügliches Spiel entstanden, das nur wegen der etwas unbefriedigenden 3D-Sequenzen und wegen seines hohen Preises am ASM-Hitstern vorbeischrammt. Dennoch ein empfehlenswertes Produkt, das sicher noch von sich reden machen wird.
Amiga Format (Oct, 1990)
Hack, slash, slaughter, slay. In this ever-changing world, if there is one thing you can rely on it is an endless stream of sword-wielding arcade fantasies. Unreal is one such outing, but with the promise of eight levels, both 2D and 3D graphics and interactive music it could be a cut above your average hack-em-up.
Being able to dip your sword in fire for a temporary fire-blade is nice, but it doesn't seem to have much effect, and the levels (dragon, Artaban, dragon etc.) become repetitious after several plays. Overall, to coin a phrase, it's good, but not that good.
Power Play (Sep, 1990)
"Unreal" ist eine prima Laudatio für die technischen und grafischen Fähigkeiten des Amigas: Die Aufmachung ist schlicht fantastisch. Dank der überraschend flotten sowie fließenden 3D-Animation und den grafischen Kunstwerken in manchen 2D-Leveln werden einige "Ahhs" und "Ohhs" nicht ausbleiben. Dazu kommen naturgetreue Sound-Effekte, die zusammen mit der ungeheuren Detailliebe eine prickelnde Atmosphäre erzeugen. Leider wurde beim Spieldesign nicht ganz soviel Sorgfalt an den Tag gelegt. Manchmal tut man sich mit dem Ausweichen in den 3D-Leveln recht schwer und allzu ideenreich sind die 2D-Geschicklichkeits-Stufen auch nicht. Im Vergleich zu "Shadow of the Beast" liegt Unreal allerdings um Längen vorne. Unreal ist optimal dazu geeignet, deprimierten Amiga-Besitzern, die nachts von dem Satz " identisch mit der ST-Umsetzung" träumen, wieder neuen Lebensmut einzuflößen. Spielerisch rangiert es klar über dem Durchschnitt, die vorderen Plätze kann Unreal leider nicht angreifen.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
A cut above your average hack-'em-up.
Unreal is an ambitious arcade project with a slightly disappointing result. Certainly, the five dragon-flight levels could have benefited from a greater variety of gameplay and more graphic detail and even the two-dimensional sequences suffer from stiff and awkward control of the main character. Overall, the effect is that the game lacks polish. Potential players, therefore, may be unwilling to invest their time and money in searching for the game's "gems" which lie scattered in the raw. Unreal, however, is far less demanding than the wrist-wrenching regime of the Psygnosis games and may, therefore, appeal to players interested in preserving their hands. After all, you've only got two.