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Unreal Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro screen.
Playing the game with Sound FX requires 1 Mb of memory which was not standard in 1990.
Blast your way riding a red dragon Galaxy Force-style.
Fighting a praying mantis in the first Shadow of the Beast-inspired platform level.
Although in a screenshot the graphics look beautiful, the animation is a bit crude.
Once you lost all your lives, a training mode becomes active giving you infinite lives to finish the game.
The second platformlevel sees more advanced puzzles and pixel-perfect platformleaping.
You will get the "You crashed"-message very often. This shoot-'em-up level is a graphic mess.
In the far distance a rotating raytraced castle can be seen. Here your final confrontation will take place.
In the castle you will encounter many bosses.