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Zzap! (May, 1989)
Luke Snayles is a convict, an ex-pilot and a psychopath - but even he wouldn't be taking on a mission like this if they hadn't bent all his fingernails back and threatened to take away his cuddly bunny if he refused.
The concept may indeed be as playable as it is dated but out-and-out carnage has never looked so good. The 3-D environment brings new life to the ideas of tank blasting action and with it comes a whole new depth with different weapons to use. The introductory sequence sets the scene with the Storm dropping the tank onto the surface. You against a massive force and the fate of Earth hanging in the balance - prime material for a great blast and Voyager is it.
Faster screen update, meatier sound effects and extra baddies go some way towards making up for the extra fiver on the price tag.
Commodore User (Jun, 1989)
Twelve years ago NASA launched the deep space probe Voyager II on a mission to survey the solar system and anything beyond it. Since then we have had lots of pretty colour pictures sent via its hugely expensive camera. Incidentally NASA have just realised that by using a $900 video camera they get better quality shots – that is progress for you. In the year 2032 a scout by the name of Non, a native of the planet Roxiz finds Voyager II, takes it home, and tries selling it for scrap metal. Not surprisingly it generates a lot of interest, and it is not long before a Roxiz war party is dispatched to our solar system. In a nutshell, the Roxiz set up a series of bases on Saturn’s moons, each moon producing a higher technology weapon. It is left down to you to wipe the mat with Roxiz and save the Earth.
Amiga Format (Aug, 1989)
The Voyager II space probe, launched in 1977 on an endless journey through the universe, is picked up by the evil alien Roxiz fleet and the information on board guides a Roxiz invasion force to our solar system. They prepare to invade Earth, using the ten moons of Saturn as a temporary base. One Luke Snayles, a prisoner returning from a 50-year term of solitary Investigative Exploration, decides that only he can save Earth, by destroying the Roxiz forces single handed, one moon at a time...
Amiga Mania (Mar, 1992)
Essentially the only real differences after the change of levels are the extras available for the tank; skimmers, atom bombs, decoys and extra cameras etc. can be picked up on the battlefield, the whole arsenal combining to produce a formidable zapping machine. Enjoyable vintage-style game but nothing new.