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Walker Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro animation
Berlin 1944 (Poor enemies, destroy them while moving)
Berlin 1944 (Tanks, parachutes - you're in the middle of 2. ww)
Berlin 1944 (Train isn't dangerous)
Berlin 1944 (Enemies are fleeing because you're so powerfull)
Berlin 1944 (Funny, they're trying to kill you with airship)
Berlin 1944 (Destroy these 2 rockets to complete level)
Los Angeles 2019 (Helicopters - shoot them down)
Los Angeles 2019 (This flyer is releasing mines)
Los Angeles 2019 (3 types of ground enemies)
Los Angeles 2019 (Enemies are overwhelming you)
Los Angeles 2019 (Rogallo wingmen throwing bombs)
Los Angeles 2019 (Bulldozer is finall boss of this stage)
Middle East (Artillery is firing from long distance)
Middle East (Tanks are dangerous, destroy their cabin first)
Middle East (Infantry is jumping from cargo cars)
Middle East (Rocket launchers are ready with guided missiles)
The Great War 2420 (Avoid laser fire from flying enemies)
The Great War 2420 (Motorcycle is releasing deadly modules)
The Great War 2420 (Tank is attacking with blue ray)
The Great War 2420 (Encounter with space ship)
Game Over
Outro animation