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Zero (Jul, 1991)
Basically, what we have here... hell, I've already said that! Unbasically Warzone is an excellent arcadey shoot 'em up. It may not win many converts amongst hardened adventurers or flight sim buffs, but then that's not what it's set out to do. For those who like to vent their spleen on a high speed shoot 'em up this is a treat in store.
Amiga Action (Jul, 1991)
Commando fans are certainly in for a treat this month with the simultaneous release of both Mercs and Warzone. If you had to choose between the two, my money would be on Warzone. In terms of playability Warzone has the edge, just. The graphics are also improved having a cartoon feel to them. Before you go comparing it to Commando, I can assure you that the game has improved over the 8-bit classic in every department and will appeal to fans of this style game and shoot'em-up enthusiasts alike.
You may think that there are enough games of this type already (and you may even be right) - and, in truth, War Zone offers very little variation on the theme. However, if you haven't already got a game of this type, or do, but still fancy trying another, War Zone's combination of 'you watch my back and I'll watch yours' strategy and all-out action may be just the ticket.
As per usual for a Core Design game, the graphics are simply superb. The sprites are all well-defined and possess some nice animation, whilst the backdrops for each level are varied and visually interesting. I also like the pseudo-3D effect of the landscapes and how it affects the gameplay. All this napalm-related excitement is accompanied by some excellent sound effects. The rocket launcher in particular has a brilliant noise! The gameplay itself is really tough and getting past each level is incredibly taxing. I had problems getting off level one. Any road up, War Zone is a great Commando-style blast that is good in one-player mode, but even better if you can force a chum into taking part.
"War Zone" jest wciąż bardzo dobrej jakości strzelaniną, z nie tak dużą dawką przemocy jaką proponuje się w czasach dzisiejszych, ale jest to gra dla wszystkich, którzy chcą się dobrze rozerwać biorąc na celownik pierwszego lepszego frajera.
Warzone wins no prizes for originality, but as a straightforward blast-'em cure for the summertime blues it's excellent.
CU Amiga (Jun, 1991)
In all, Warzone is a fast and well-paced blast, with plenty to see and shoot and, while it's not worth a Screen Star, it's still worthy of consideration.
Amiga Format (Jul, 1991)
There's nothing new about Warzone. It's almost a carbon copy of a very old formula, and there's little innovation been made to bring it into line with the quality of today's games. Having said that, it's polished and playable, and jolly good fun which is what it's all about!
Raze (Aug, 1991)
And generally that's the problem with Warzone, it's all a bit too familiar. This makes it very tiresome to play, especially as it's unbelievably difficult. As a revamped Ikari Warriors, it stands up quite well - but who really wants a revamped Ikari Warriors?
Im Vergleich zur im letzten Monat vorgestellten Vorabversion hat sich nichts geändert, so daß man dieses Game allen Ballerspielprofis, die sich an Strömen von Blut nicht stören, nur wärmstens empfehlen kann. Ich persönlich finde jedoch, daß man dieses Game unblutiger genauso gut in Szene hätte setzen können.
Amiga Joker (Jul, 1991)
Letztendlich aber ist die Spielbarkeit das alles entscheidende Kriterium, und da ist War Zone leider nur zweiter Sieger: Mercs spielt sich einfach eine Spur flotter, es kann mit allerlei Feinheiten wie Liften oder daß man im Sumpf langsamer vorwärts kommt, aufwarten. Zudem muß man hier auch nicht ewig in unendlich zähe Gegner ballern - das ganze Gamedesign macht einen etwas professionelleren und vor allem abwechslungsreicheren Eindruck. Das soll nun aber nicht bedeuten, daß War Zone schnell langweilig würde! Dazu ist es schonmal viel zu schwer...
Amiga Power (Jun, 1991)
Core set themselves a high standard with Chuck Rock, and Warzone doesn't live up to it (not that it's really meant to, probably). Good in a 'so what?' sort of way.
Datormagazin (Aug 29, 1991)
War Zone saknar däremot fräsig melodi och har istället rätt enkla ljudeffekter. Grafiken är tydlig, men inte lika snygg som i Mercs. Sammanfattningsvis är båda spelen roliga att spela, även om War Zone fått det högre betyget. War Zone är helt enkelt rolig längre.
Amiga Power (Jul, 1991)
Competent but deadly dull shoot-'em-up that you've seen a dozen times before.