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WaxWorks Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Horrosoft logo
Opening sequence
Copy protection
Crystal ball
Game start
Pyramid waxwork
Graveyard waxwork
Jack the Ripper waxwork
Mine waxwork
Combat is very simple, and depends mostly on luck. Just click where you want to aim, and the game calculates if you will hit or not.
A room in the pyramid. You can pick up a lot of items in the game. Most will be useless, but some are needed to solve puzzles.
Attacked by a crocodile! This pyramid is a deadly place...
A puzzle involving numbers. If you don't solve it in time, you will get killed by a trap.
In the graveyard waxwork. The gardener have been killed by zombies, and I will search his body.
Statue of an angel. What a creepy place...
Watch out, a zombie is approaching! This area has a lot of fighting, and less puzzle-solving than the other waxworks.
There's a church in the middle of the graveyard. Inside I meet this vampire, and I think I'm in some serious trouble...
Inside the mines. This place has been taken over by mutants. Let's hit this freak with a shovel.
Another painful death.
Using a chemical sprayer against these tentacles. It's effective against most enemies in this waxwork. But be careful, it gets empty really fast.
There are some prisoners in this cage. I need to free them somehow.
You have to watch out for the police in the Jack the Ripper waxwork. They think, mistakenly, that you are the Ripper.
One of the Rippers victims.
An angry mob is chasing me. This waxwork has almost no combat, and is more focused on puzzle-solving. Mostly, you have to run away, rather than fight.
I have broken into the tailors place, because I need to find a disguise.
Inside a pub. I can talk to some of the people here.
Dialogue with the landlord. He might have some useful information.
Talking with some prostitutes, but don't worry, the game has no explicit sexual content. Just a lot of gore...
I need to get rid of this guard-dog, to enter a building. Not an easy task...