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Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The Playroom
If you look inside the toy chest, you will be able to save or restore your game
Exploring the woods
Say hello to Owl
Owl's dining room
Say hello to Roo
Say hello to Kanga
Tigger just wants to bounce you all over the place
The place where Pooh and Christopher Robin like to hang out and play
Say hello to Eeyore
Galleon's Lap
Say hello to Christopher Robin
Say hello to Rabbit
It's too misty to see where you are going
It's too dark in here
I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "B"
Up a tree looking down at the bridge
What a big stream
Piglet's house.
A piece of fluff.
Outside Pooh's house.
The star of the game.
One can only sit and be thoughtful for so long...
Picnic table.
The "North Pole".
Big tree.
What's inside?
Back door of rabbit's house.
Rabbit's house.
Dead tree.
Lame joke...
I'm always hungry!
Owl's house.
Oh scary!