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atari yars

Wonder Boy in Monster Land Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Your journey begins in Monster Land
You must see this woman before continuing
Drink, anyone?
Get the hourglass for extra time
Say hello to Death
Get the gold coins that bosses like Death leave behind
Round Complete
Meet mini-mushroom
The Boot Shop
The Shield Shop
The Weapon Shop
Inside a cave
You have to do an errand for this guy
Say hello to Vampire Lord
Just obtained the Broad Sword
The Hospital
Say hello to Myconid Master
On a conveyor belt
Say hello to Red Knight
The coastal town of Baraboro
Under the sea
Say hello to Kraken
Inside another cave
The Mam Desert
Oh dear, Tom-Tom. What have you gotton yourself into this time?
The Pyramid
Say hello to the Spinx
Tom-Tom hurts the Spinx
Tom-Tom goes to heaven