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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Overall User Score (27 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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[Budget re-release] This is a seriously welcome re-release for what's generally agreed to be the best vertically shoot 'em up ever written [...]. The whole thing is nicely topped off with three-layer parallax scrolling and the Bomb The Bass MegaBlast soundtrack. If you haven't got Xenon II in your collection, now is the perfect time to put that situation right.
Zzap! (Oct, 1989)
The first Galactic Conflict broke out a thousand years ago on the US West Coast with the Amiga-based coin op Xenon. A single pilot saved the Federation then by defeating the Xenites and rescuing Captain Xod. The Xenites aren't ones to forgive and forget though, so with aid of the megahip Bitmap Brothers (who made lots of dosh converting the original war) they've kicked off the Second Galactic Conflict in revenge. Five Time Bombs have been planted in the Process of Evolution, a surreal dimension made up of five evolutionary phases.
Using the samples from the recording, David Whittaker has transferred the whole Megablast track into the Amiga version, and the bass line backs the action throughout the game. Utterly superb.
In definition and movement, graphics are identical to the ST but the playing area is marginally wider for greater manoeuvrability. A classic sounding, looking and playing blaster, wholly deserving of the prefix 'Mega'.
Zero (Oct, 1989)
Worth the wait, the hype, and its weight in gold. Xenon II - Megablast has the best music, graphics and oner kebabs this side of the Crewe.
Amiga Format (Oct, 1989)
The age-old problem: it's just another shoot-em-up, some would say, and there are plenty of them around already. So what makes this stand out? The gameplay. It's fast, furious, addictive, tough, playable and it sounds and looks fantastic. Xenon 2 has everything a shoot-em-up needs and more besides, making it arguably the best of its type to appear to date and a definite 'must purchase' for anyone who doesn't mind wasting the odd hour or two enjoying some mindless blasting.
All in all, Xenon II - Megablast is one of the most accomplished shoot-em-ups you're likely to come across this side of Christmas. Even though there are only five levels, the amount of detail and action in there makes it a stiff challenge. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't give it a least a play test.
Amiga Joker (Nov, 1989)
Xenon II ist ein Leckerbischen für Baller-Feinschmecker!
Raze (Aug, 1991)
[Budget re-release] The real fun is had when you save up loads of money and visit the shop. From here you can purchase some absolutely awesome weaponry, from mines and lasers to Super Nashwam Power which fires all the weapons at once. A sure-fire hit and an absolute must for every 16-bit owner. The best budget game of 1991 - and it's only June.
Xenon II is an amazing game. Graphics sound and gameplay are all superb. It is hard, but not too hard, and it is damned good fun! It won't have the staying power of a classic sports sim, but if it's a shoot 'em up you want, you can't go wrong with Xenon II.
Commodore User (Oct, 1989)
If anyone approaches rock celebrity status in the software world, it has to be the Bitmaps. It's something they've managed to archieve effectively in the space of three games. Speedball is their most famous, but Xenon II revives their first, a shoot'em up which turned heads for its excellent sonics and graphics when it was released over eighteen months ago. Xenon II pursues the relentless quest for an arcade quality schoot'em up on the Amiga, and it's probably the closest yet. Like its predecessor it's a vertically scrolling blast, with an array of nasties and a ship which, when you've bolted every available addition onto it, is awesomely destructive.
Amiga Power (Jul, 1991)
[Budget re-release] An audio-visual banquet hung around the skeleton of a fairly ordinary (but pretty tough) vertically scrolling blaster. Still one of the most impressive Amiga games around in term of sheer, well, impressiveness.
Power Play (1989)
Zur Amiga-Version gibt es nur zu sagen, daß hier der Sound um einiges besser ist als auf dem ST. Leider wird das Programm etwas langsamer, wenn sich extrem viele Objekte auf dem Bildschirm tummeln. Aber das fällt bei der nervenzerreißenden Ballerei kaum auf. In Xenon II gibt es auch keine Stelle, an der man nicht mit schnellen Reaktionen und einem gezielten Laserschuß weiterkommt.
Score (Jul, 1995)
Xenon II: The Megablast je vynikající klasická bojová hra. V současné době ji považuji za nejlepší v její kategorii "arcade" her. Průběh bitvy je efektně zpracován a během hry se grafika stále mění. Zaujme vás svou různorodostí a nápady, rozhodně se při hře nebudete nudit. Jestliže Xenona II nemáte ve své sbírce, rychle si ho sežeňte - nebudete litovat. (Převzato z časopisu Excalibur 02/1991)
Doch nichtsdestotrotz hat XENON 2 auch seine Nachteile, wie z.B. die lange Ladezeit und das ruckelige Scrolling, das aber aufgrund der Anzahl von Sprites, die auf einmal dargestellt werden, zu entschuldigen ist. XENON 2 ist eines der edelsten Ballergames, das zuerst ST- und nun auch Amiga-User in seinen Bann ziehen wird.