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A marginal improvement over the ST, graphically - more shades are used in the corridor and the look is smoother overall. When few characters are on screen the Amiga is noticeably faster than the Atari, but with a few Xybots on screen it slows considerably, though thankfully not enough to spoil gameplay. Spot effects are sampled and add a loud, lively arcade atmosphere - particularly the vocoded 'Intruder Alert'
Commodore User (Jul, 1989)
As a coin-op, ‘bots was an unusual game. Unusual both in the way that the game combined strategy to a maze shoot ‘em up. Set in a space station of some description, you, and a friend if you so wish, play Major Rock hardy (!?!) and Captain Ace Gunn (!?!?!). These two dashing heroes have to move around the space station, killing all the evil robots that patrol the levels, collecting coins and extra weapons. The coins allow you to improve the stakes at shops between levels. Here you can buy things like more powerful shots, slower loss of energy and a higher overall energy limit.
Zzap! (Aug, 1989)
The Xybots are the latest villains in an ever violent future. A near- perfect race of robots they have an unhealthy thirst for power and it doesn't take the invaders long to set up their massive underground fortress and enslave all around. To remedy the situation two galactic heroes, Major Rock Hardy and Captain Ace Gunn, are sent down to break into the city and decimate any Xybots within.
Xybots is a great bit of alien blasting, but it could just do with more variety in the levels. The two-player mode should ease that, and any fan of the coin-op will be more than satisfied with this extremely accurate conversion.
Power Play (1989)
Schon in der Spielhalle kam ich kaum um den Xybots-Automaten herum. Um so mehr freut es mich, daß es eine prima Umsetzung für Heimcomputer gibt. Es wurde an fast alles gedacht, was man aus der Spielhalle kennt. Sogar die gedämpften Geräusche von weiter entfernten Robotern hallen bei der Computerversion unheimlich durch die Gänge. Der Schlußroboter ist für meinen Geschmack etwas zu fies geraten. Bevor man sich von dem Anblick erholt hat, ist man hin. Noch viel mehr Spaß bringt Xybots aber zu zweit, wenn man im Team gegen die Roboter vorgeht. Wer mal ein etwas anderes Ballerspiel haben möchte, bei dem auch etwas Taktik gefragt ist, sollte sich Xybots zulegen.
Amiga Computing (Sep, 1989)
WHAT really matters when you slip the latest arcade conversion into DF0? Is it how good the original was, how good the Amiga version is or how faithful the conversion is to the money munching machine? One theory states that any game which makes it to the arcade is going to be pretty hot. If it cuts the ice there, it should make a very playable game at home. There is another theory that a game you want to spend 20 minutes playing in an arcade is not the same kind of things you want to take home with you. And there is a third theory. This theory, which is mine, claims that a good game for a home computer would be one which was perhaps a little too complex for the arcades. Xybots is that game. There is a lot of depth to the plot built on the age-old 3D maze. You run around a complex of corridors picking up coins, extra weapons and energy. A friend can join you wandering around the same maze with a separate 3D view.
Amiga Format (Sep, 1989)
The two player action in Xybots is amongst the best to be found anywhere: particularly because the two players can split up to clear out levels, so they do not always need to be in the same place. In the arcades it was not one of the greatest ever hits, but it translates very well indeed as a one or two player game.
Your Amiga (Sep, 1989)
Although Xybots is obviously derived from Gauntlet, there is sufficient variation for this not to get in the way of the game. One thing that worries me is that the game plays decidedly better with two playing and I suspect that must purchasers will not have permanent access to a partner.