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Zork Zero is, frankly, superb. The adventure is a joy to play and, while being entertained with Steve Meretzky's unique humour and becoming totally absorbed by the game's atmosphere, you will experience a range of excellent puzzles which vary widely in difficulty. I must say that I have been totally impressed by Infocom's recent releases. They have been going through some shaky times recently but they are now looking like the Infocom of old.
The sheer size of this adventure, the range of complexity of its problems, together with the inimitable humour of author Steve Meretzky, must make Zork Zero without doubt the most entertaining and enjoyable adventure I have played to date. Welcome back Infocom! It's been a long time coming, but it was certainly worth the wait!
Zzap! (Aug, 1989)
For about ten years after being formed by some MIT boffins Infocom produced only business software. Then they saw the Colossal Cave Adventure. The Zork trilogy was the result and the company has not look back since. Not until now that is. Currently making some radical changes to its previously text-only format Infocom have decided to produce a Zork prequel in the new style.
Amiga Format (Oct, 1989)
There are Zorks and there are Zorks, but now there is the latest Zork which is the first Zork: Zork Zero. Confused? Well, I certainly was. After famous Zork trilogy came Beyond Zork, and now the game which acts as a prequel to the originals has arrived. Bigger it certainly is; but is it any better for that?
Commodore User (Jul, 1989)
Adventure characters do not come more legendary, stupid, or dead than Lord Dimwit Fathead The Excessive. The latest in the line of Zork adventures, Zork Zero, opens with his execution – for building a statue of himself of proportions so gigantic that its big toe overshadows the favourite forest of the all-powerful and well-narked Wizard Megaboz. Not only that but the malicious wiz has cast a demonic curse to obliterate the Eastlands. The onset of the curse has been delayed for some time – ninety-six years to be precise – but that time has elapsed and now, at the eleventh hour, you come into possession of the wiz’s secret parchment which sets you off on the quest – and a chance to reverse the spell.
Your Amiga (Jul, 1989)
Zork Zero represents Infocom back at its best. After a shaky period the where they seemed to lose direction.
Amiga Computing (Aug, 1989)
MEGABOZ the wizard, wearing a zap-me-quick hat, has cursed Lord Dimwit Flathead’s Great Underground Empire. Your task is to remove the curse and claim a reward of half the wealth of the kingdom. After casting the curse, Megaboz disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving behind nothing but a scrap of parchment. Written on the parchment, which is contained in the pack of goodies that comes with the game, is what you need to do to remove the curse.
Enchanted Realms (Mar, 1991)
Does this sound exciting? It is, but don't be misled. The graphics are simple and few, and you will have to read the encyclopedia in the library to view some of them. Sound is non-existent as well, and the mapping feature is a series of boxes and lines. If you want glamour, you'll have to create it in your mind, and, oh, with the strength of the story and the slickness of that famous Infocom parser, how easy that is!
Power Play (Jun, 1989)
Mit Zork Zero hat Infocom gezeigt, daß das Adventure-Genre noch nichts an Attraktivität verloren hat. Nach einer längeren Durststrecke dürfen sich Freunde dieser Sparte wieder begeistert an die Tastatur setzen.
So bleibt zum Abschluß nur die Frage "Hit oder doch Hit?" Eine Frage, die natürlich ebenso wichtig wie beinahe überflüssig ist. Denn wenn es INFOCOM gelingt, auch weiterhin das Niveau zu halten, das man sich bisher erarbeitet hat, dann wird sich die Company um die Zukunft keine Sorgen machen müssen. Zumindest eingefleischte Fans wissen es schon längst, daß diese Firma als Maßstab für gute Adventures anzusehen ist, was Atmosphäre, Spannung und Parser anbelangt.
Amiga Format (Nov, 1991)
[Compilation re-release] This game was Infocom's first attempt to keep up with technology and include some graphics - no pictures, a compass instead. Fortunately the text is up to the usual standard, and there are hints and maps thrown in on-line to spice it up.
If you like a lot of graphics or sound effects when playing an adventure game, look elsewhere. But if you enjoy games with no real great features other than the excellent stories that have made Infocom famous, then you should definitely take a closer look at Zork Zero.

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