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Head Over Heels Screenshots (Amstrad PCW)

User Screenshots

Amstrad PCW version

Title screen
The Blacktooth Empire
Starting out as Head – the thing is the corner is a teleporter
Materialising... another room
Jumping from this platform is a leap of faith
Jump on the blocks to reach the switch – the floor is electrified
Switching to Heels
Pushing a trampoline to reach the door
Entering the door
Riding a lift to reach the conveyor belt
Push this joystick thing to move around the Spock-Dalek in order to move the little trampoline
Use the trampoline and Spock as platforms to reach the conveyor belt with the purse
A puzzly room
First, pick up the little trampoline
Then push the other platform toward the door
Jump onto the platform
And pull out the trampoline from your inventory
The robot will hunt you without mercy
Select joystick
Main menu
A dead end
A lift brings us to this new location