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Anacapri: The Dream Credits

13 people


A game bySilvio Savarese, Gey Savarese
MusicSilvio Savarese, Gey Savarese
English Text EditingLaura MacDonald
Seagull, dolphin and snake animationsAgustín Cordes, Alejandro Graziani
'Cave Hunting' and English Voice RecordingDonna Wright Ovist
PackagingGabriele Papalini (www.madorange.it)
Beta TestingAdriano Bizzoco, Carlo De Rensis, Marita Robinson, Tibby Booth, Joseph Marks, Donna Wright Ovist
English WalkthroughMarita Robinson
Published byAdventure's Planet SRL - www.adventuresplanet.it

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Credits for this game were contributed by Yuri Melkov (11172)

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