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Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Sep, 1990)
The sheer quantity of animated stuff on screen at once is simply astounding, and coupled with the amount of aliens, bullets and other stuff, it's enough to make the mouth water. To be totally frank this is Defender to the max. Miss this one, and regret it forever.
Psyclapse haven't disappointed us in bringing their corking Defender variant to the Amiga. The action's even faster and smoother than the ST game and the sound is even more heavy. Check it out as soon as you see it gracing the shelves of your local software shop.
AmigaAmiga Power (May, 1992)
If you've ever been a Defender fan, this game will blow you away. You really should have bought it the first time, but don't miss it twice. A completely gorgeous Defender game with more no-nonsense locked-in-a-cupboard-with-a-swarm-of-killer-bees action than anything of the style ever seen on the Amiga. And cheap too.
Atari STThe One (Aug, 1990)
The only major disappointment is your craft, which doesn't match the imagination of the alien design, and is slightly too cumbersome for the frantic gameplay, particularly as the aliens often take several blasts to kill. This wouldn't be too annoying on its own, but for the fact that the canisters don't give a strong cry for help when they are captured: it's often the case that the first you know about a capture is when a Homer homes in on you. For these reasons it's not the high-speed test of reflexes that Defender was - you have to keep coming back and making sure that an enemy is definitely dead, and that mars the enjoyment of an otherwise highly polished shoot 'em up. Still, it's immediately accessible and addictive enough to be worthwhile.
Atari STST Format (Apr, 1990)
Whether you liked or loathed Defendor, you'll love Anarchy. It's the perfect way to lose yourself for several hours as you waste the galaxy several times over. The speed at which the screen scrolls is frightening and the number of aliens, bullets and other miscellaneous objects that are animated simultaneously is absolutely remarkable. Anarchy is the best version of Defendor ever.
AmigaAmiga Format (Jun, 1992)
It's pretty true to the original Defender, but that was only good because there was nothing better at the time. Luckily Anarchy has been jazzed (and speeded) up sufficiently to make it rather more 'new'. If you've got to have a Defender game, have this one.
Atari STAtari ST User (Oct, 1990)
The action in Psygnosis is furious, and although the graphics are simple, they are effective - anyway who's going to notice when the game's running at 50 frames a second. It may take a while to get to grips with the rather awkward joystick controls, but perseverance will unveil a game not to be missed by anyone wanting a good blast.
Atari STTilt (Sep, 1990)
Classique mais passionnant si l'on est un féru de shoot-them-up, voici ce que l'on peut dire d'Anarchy.
As it stands, Anarchy has managed to retain all the ingredients of the original (pods to protect, numerous aliens to slaughter and the deep-space level signalled by the loss of all the pods) but whilst having been aesthetically embellished, (4 level parallax, 48 colours, sampled sound) may appeal to blast-fans only. Recommened to try before purchase.
Anarchy is a very competent clone which is certainly worth a look if you haven't already got a Defender type game, but whoever wrote the review plastered over the packaging which states that 'Anarchy is the best version of Defender ever' obviously hasn't played Logotron's Starray.
AmigaThe One for Amiga Games (Nov, 1991)
[Budget re-release] Unfortunately Anarchy doesn't really add much to Williams' classic coin-op, but shoot 'em up fanatics might just find something in it to satisfy their alien blood thirst.
Atari STThe One for ST Games (Nov, 1991)
[Budget re-release] Unfortunately Anarchy doesn't really add much to Williams' classic coin-op, but shoot 'em up fanatics might just find something in it to satisfy their alien blood thirst.
AmigaAmiga User International (Dec, 1990)
There's no questioning Defender's classic status, but how many times are we expected to step back in amazement at the same game? Maybe if you've not played Defender for years, or even if you're a complete stranger to the game, Anarchy could prove to be a satisfying diversion. If like me, you think the Public Domain is now the place for revamped oldies, Anarchy seems rather overpriced.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Aug, 1990)
I shan't waste space trying to make a boring plot sound interesting. Anarchy is a blatant Defender clone without doubt. All the regulars are there: pesky aliens nicking your canisters from the bottom of the screen and flying upwards etc, etc. In fact, the 16-bits could do with a decent game of this genre. Trouble is, the game may look and sound like Defender, but it sure doesn't play like it. Ship movement is slow and unresponsive, firing even more so. You'd do better to hunt out the original arcade machine and buy that.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jul, 1990)
Wie gesagt: Der Spielaufbau ist weitgehend identisch zum Original. Leider wird‘s bei ANRACHY schon nach ziemlich kurzer Zeit ziemlich fies, denn manche Gegner hüpfen derart schnell über den Screen, daß die Energieleiste quasi dauernd angeknabbert wird. Da hilft kein Drei-Wege-Scrolling, eine abspeichernde Highscoreliste, das schöne Intro und das schöne Endbild mit einer grandiosen Animationssequenz - die Spielbarkeit von ANARCHY ist nicht so toll. Das mag vielleicht auch am Spielkonzept liegen, doch Fans des Klassikers sei in dieser Hinsicht Starray empfohlen. Es ist zwar schon älter, aber eindeutig besser.
AmigaPower Play (Oct, 1990)
Die Idee mit dem Schildextra, durch das man einzelne Kapseln schützen kann, erzeugt eine nette taktische Note (welche Kapsel schütze ich, und wo muß ich “von Hand” verteidigen?). Das saubere Scrolling und die wechselnden Hintergrundgrafiken sind OK und wer den ollen Defender schon mochte, hat durchaus Grund zur Freude. Die wird aber ab dem dritten Level durch unkontrollierte Auswüchse bei der Gegnerschar versalzen. Horden hartnäckigster Mini-Sprites heften sich in solch gruseliger Anzahl an Eure Fersen. daß die spielerische Linie untergeht. Nett geklaut. aber das Vorbild bleibt unerreicht,
AmigaZzap! (Nov, 1990)
Two skill levels, sound on/off. Grainy title and death screens. Drab, washed-out sprites and equally lifeless backdrops, although the multilayer parallax scrolling is smooth and fast. Mediocre Heavy Metal title music and simple, outdated effects. Easily grasped but immediately uninspiring due to its outdatedness and difficulty. Evermore challenging attack waves but a total lack of variety. A 1990 remix of a classic (ancient) game that simply doesn't work.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Oct, 1990)
Nicht viel: Anarchy ist ein verunglücktes Remake des Arcade-Oldies "Defender", dessen einziger Pluspunkt das unglaublich schnelle Horizontalscrolling ist. Ansonsten gibt es dürftige Grafik mit winzigen Sprites, schwachen Sound und eine Extraportion Unspielbarkeit. Wer unbedingt ballern und Kapseln sammeln will, greift lieber zum betagten "Starray" - das ist nicht nur um Klassen besser, sondern bereits zum Low-Cost-Tarif erhältlich.