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Android Two Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Starting location
Oh, dear. Game over.
High scores

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Starting a new game
Destroyed, 5 seconds in the game

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
What everything looks like
Game start
Moving down a path
The perspective often leaves you partially covered
There are some dead ends to memorise
A millitoid is in sight
Game over
Android 2 being vaporized (he's just kidding, Android 2 is being beamed to Enterprise)
Android 2 destroying a Hoverdroid with a laser beam. (they have a strong bond between each other in fact)
Pulverization of another Hoverdro... (no, no, no... this is Android's 2 head ejecting, a self-defence mechanism)
Android 2 chasing a Millitoid (isn't this guy something? This is the local picnic spot, that thing that looks like a beam is in fact Android 2 saying food's getting cold, look at the red tables)
Clone of Android 2 being vaporized on another scenario. (moderator's time for lunch)
Last Millitoid of "The Maze of Death" being destroyed. (moderator in a hurry still with pieces of food in his mouth)
Starting Level 2: The Paradox Zone. Like a mirrored effect, the scenario is composed only by this image.
The difficult thing is to find the exit, since every piece of the scenario is the same.
Transportation of Android 2 to the last scenario: The flatlands.
Starting level 3: The Flatlands.
The hunting has begun (the party has, look at the happy faces of everyone)
Many indestructible bouncers, predictable but dangerous. (they're simply living their simple lives, you have to understand that...)
One Millitoid left (can you smell the pure air? Taste it)
It's difficult to corner the last Milllitoid. (he's very difficult to convince to come to the picnic)
The Flatlands.
A mine field alert. (just a call to the picnic... look how Android 2 is near the table waiting for the others to sit)
The third shot on the head of the last Millitoid of Scenario 3. (it's the urinal)
Finishing level 3.
Transportation to level 1 (faster)