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1 Moment of Time: Silentville begins with narration along a story book or fable setting describing a small village called Silentville. It was once very pleasant almost ideal place to live with a thriving happy community. The fate of the village changed dramatically when it encountered a strange storm that has lead to many of its inhabitants to vanish. The player arrives not long after the storm has subsided to begin investigating what appears to now be an abandoned village. The player must find clues about the storm and what has become of the missing people of Silentville.

Game style is hidden object puzzle adventure with hidden object scenes aiding in key plot event sequences or yielding needed items to assist the player in story progression. Hidden object scenes use a unique combine context such as ‘repaired broom’ leaving the player to find items in the scene to repair the broom and then select it before removal from the list. Colored word or combine objects are usually hidden from view and must be found by opening or moving other items in the scene.

Contributed by me3D31337 (62128) on Feb 26, 2014. [revised by : formercontrib (159012)].