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atari saboteur
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A Blind Legend Credits

90 people (59 developers, 31 thanks)

A Blind Legend

Original IdeaNourredine Ghachi
ConceptionNourredine Ghachi
DirectionNourredine Ghachi
Art DirectionJérôme Cattenot
Head of ProductionPierre-Alain Gagne
Sound DesignBruno Guéraçague (Tabaskko), Cécile Bracq (Radio France)
3D Audio MixingAlexandre Rocca, Cécile Bracq
Binaural Sound ConsultingAlexandre Rocca, Hervé Dejardin
Game DesignNourredine Ghachi
Game Design ConsultingMarc Dutriez (Ampoule Production)
Additional Game MechanicsBenjamin Yoris, Christophe Roth, Florian Couthouis
Main DevelopmentThomas Lefêvre (Da Viking Code)
Additional DevelopmentAymeric Lamboley (Da Viking Code), Florian Couthouis, Sylvain Minjard
Main Level and Combat DesignChristophe Roth
Additional Level and Combat DesignFlorian Couthouis, Julie Anselm
ScriptingChristophe Roth, Florian Couthouis
Writing DirectionJérôme Cattenot
ScreenplayMagali Pouzol
Screenplay AdvisingCécile Queguiner (Radio France)
Ululu 'Legend' WritingBenjamin Anseaume (Team SUSHEE), Pauline Gagne, Andy Chemama
Casting and Acting Supervision (French)Baptiste Guiton (Radio France)
With the English voices ofLouise Cattenot (Louise), Clément Bresson (Blake)
WithFlora Brunier, Alain Rimoux, Tommy Luminet, Paulin Foualem Fodouop
RecordingCécile Bracq, Elodie Royer
French Voices Sound StudioMaison de la Radio
English Voices RecordingStudio Miroslav Pilon
IllustrationMichaël Crouzat
Graphic DesignKevin Toussaint
TranslationAimee Pavitt, Paul Jones, Stéphanie Giol, Axelle David
MusicNourredine Ghachi (credited as 4TrakZ)
Quality InsuranceNourredine Ghachi, Marc Dutriez, Christophe Roth, Florian Couthouis, Benjamin Yoris, Sylvain Minjard, Julie Anselm, Alain Carlier, Lilia Ouerdi, And all our testing backers!
PR and CommunicationGéraldine Musnier (Géraldine Musnier Agency), Mathilde Virat (Géraldine Musnier Agency), Caroline Cassino (Chananas), Sarah Heck (Chananas)
ProductionDOWiNO: Games; Apps & Films for Change, Nourredine Ghachi, Jérôme Cattenot, Pierre-Alain Gagne
Coproduced byRadio France
Head of Digital ProgramsLaurent Frisch, Cécile Queguiner, Ariane Chanteloup, Fabien Mezzafonte
France CultureBlandine Masson, Florent Latrive
This project has been financed thanks toThe support of 1057 backers during our ULULE crowdfunding campaign., We would not have made it without them., Find the full list on
Supported byCNC - Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée, Région Rhône Alpes, Humanis, Imaginove
Accompanied byAssociation Valentin Haüy - Au service des aveugles et des malvoyants, Fédération des aveugles de France
Special ThanksLaetitia; Ingrid and Marie for their unwavering support, Christilla Huillard-Kann, Inside ze Cube, Marshall et Templar, restaurants and spas 'Dans le Noir?', Pôle Pixel, Rhône-Alpes Studios for the Ulule counterparies, Team Ulule [Mathieu; Margaux; Annika; Arnaud; Anne-Flore; Tsilla; the owl...], Alain Carlier (and Lilia of the Point de Vue sur la Ville association), For the crowd voices; villain voices; zombie voices and so on: Guillaume; Cyril; Laure; Caroline; Rémi; Pierre; Luce; Mathieu; Etienne; Emmanuel; Guillaume; Grégory, Maud Monteil (for her relevant market study), Victor Chambon (our very first intern!), Pauline Gagne (for all the variable temperature shows; the judicious ideas and the terrible XLS spreadsheet), The Crédit Coopératif Foundation for the Social Economy Initiatives Trophy, The OCIRP for the Economy and Handicap Actors award, Frederic Lam (for the wonderful website), Franck Pitiot (for the French easter egg), The URSCOP, RDI [Rhône Development Initiative], the MOUVES [Movement of Social Enterpreneurs], Imaginove, The SNJV [Videogame national syndicate], The I-Care cluster, Entrepreneurs d'Avenir, And all our networks!, Dominique Hervet (for decisive support), Christine Grisoni (for decisive support), Eléonore Théry (for the loft on Doudeauville Street), Martin Perraud (for the loft on Doudeauville Street), Jérôme Plan (for the heated arguments on crowdfunding), Florian Rony (for the heated arguments on crowdfunding)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (772076)

atari saboteur